update log

Let’s talk about somethings that have changed over within a few weeks of the first month. Or rather, this is an update on some things.

Let’s talk about streaming again.

So, the past few weeks of streaming have been stable, that is till… this week where my Internet has been pretty bad, cutting off for no reason and dropping frames. The Twitch server I use is pretty awful. dropping frames when there is no reason to drop in the first place.

Here the new game plan. Stream at 1250 bitrate and see how well this works out. Cause I mean, dropping frames is pretty annoying and when you drop like 2k in frames, that is part of your stream missing and I can’t stand to drop frames, it ruins the whole thing for those who would want to go back and watch the past stream or vod.

I will still finish the 06 Stream with my friends. And if, streaming still ends up being an issue for me. I will stick to uploading videos to twitch.


Stream at 1250 bitrate
Use Obs studio auto (server) ie, let it pick a server for me to use when streaming. If this doesn’t work, I will ignore this.

Sonic Hell (rom hack)

Bad news. The project has been canceled due to technical problems that were beyond my control. Files are deleted or overwritten which removed all progress. I could have looked for an answer but dealing with this again… No, I can not and will not try to deal with this. It is no longer worth it.

Good News: The project will be done with a fan game that I have planned in the future. I can’t say it will be called, and what I will say is that this is a good start to something better and can’t wait to make this project come true.

With this said. Any sites/pages about Sonic hell will be removed. I wanted to work on the hack but it was not meant to be.

Let’s plays

The lets play have been put on hold, since I have been busy with life, watching streamers, and streaming myself.

Status of current Let’s play: SRB2 as Sonic is almost done

The other lets plays, I have to see, as I will do some of them with friends. That’s only a few lets plays

I have another idea for lets plays. I will have my friends send me their voice audio after they record it then I can put it in good old Sony Vegas to edit and render. And upload after that. :P

I could use OBS to record my friends and my audio for lets plays but… It would pick up too much background noise. For a stream, it is fine but for a lets play, it is lazy and bad. :P But if people can’t record their voice, I will use this means of recording a let’s play

So these are the new changes or updates. Sorry for the lack of updates. Had a writer’s block for four days… ^^ But thanks for reading.

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