Review: Dungeon Souls Revisit

I made a Dungeon Souls review in 2017 and it was long-winded. So I felt like coming back to this game

Dungeon Souls puts the player through a number of unique dungeons to remove the curse, and the core placed in the dungeon. Dungeon masters are cursed to guard the dungeons to keep their leader safe.

The dungeon master has turncoat and you must save them as well or free them. Are you up to the task to save the day? Or will you prey to the Dungeon masters and the redeemer on your way to break the curse?


When starting the main game, you can pick your character, difficulty and hop right into the action.

Your main goal is to activate these marks, that open the way to the next dungeon level. When all marks have been found in a dungeon level, The redeemer will come for you and as I write this, The redeemer can’t be killed.

Akin to toy pop, when you open the door in toy pop, the level begins to summon blocks that kill the player if they stay too long. While The Redeemer won’t kill you on touch, it will drain your HP but it can kill you.

When you go through a new dungeon, the enemies will get stronger which will give you a challenge

the controls for the game are “fine” with a keyboard or gamepad, and the auto-lock on to enemies makes life easy. The player feels nice. The player doesn’t have any weight to them when they move but that’s ok.

Dungeon souls control for handling movement and attacking feel nice good, no delay. Everything works as intended, and it makes me happy to say that you can come into this game and not have to worry.

There is even a tutorial for new players who want to know how to play that will teach them the basics controls for each character of the game, which is a wonderful feature to add to any game.

As you play through every even number level, you have a chance of entering a secret dungeon which holds a secret boss fit or a new set of levels for you to enjoy, within the current dungeon’s level but it’s up to luck if you get to enter or not

The current version of Dungeon souls works on a “lap system”. After you “beat” the boss at “The End 3” You are sent back to the start with all of your items, levels, and skills saved but things have changed. Now you can get the true ending but I don’t want to give away too much.

The game offers a wonderful soundtrack that is fitting for the game’s art style. Each song for each dungeon and dungeon master is great stuff.

Overall Thoughts

Dungeon souls have been a wonderful ride through, so much that I did two playthroughs of this game and I loved every moment of it and this is a game that keeps on giving.

While I loved this game to death, can I say this will be a game that anyone can pick up? I have to say yes. It’s easy to pick up and play but It’s not an easy game and you may die a lot.

BUT with Dungeon Souls, You can play an on a skill level that is for you. It’s hard but in a fair way. When you die, you can feel that it was your fault rather then the game being hard. But if it is your first time playing… How your first experience may go, is down to luck or RNG.

Will the first run show you the game has a lot to offer or will you get a bad run that will make you think otherwise? That’s the thing with rogue-like games. It’s down to luck if you will enjoy this kind of game.

It’s a great game, give it a try. I feel this game can bring you a great experience and this game has so much to offer. Do yourself a favor, and get this game. It’s a treat to be had.

Dungeon Souls:

To Lamina Studios, Mike Studios, and Black Shell Media, thank you for this wonderful game and I can’t wait for a new master piece.

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