My new discord server updates

Hey, it’s that time again. Time for a new update but not just an update but a big update. So 2018 A new year, a new start. And what great way to start things off by changing up things.

TL;dr or (Too long; didn’t read) A lot of stuff.

Like always, I will list things that will be deleted

Anime Background
Click team fusion
Request bot commands
SRL race
Ask to race
Race rules
Twitch chat
A lot more

Pretty much. A lot of things will be removed from the server and changed up. But most of it will be replaced or will be new here. I will talk about the new stuff.

So, with the crazy amount of races as of late. I had an idea. Now, if this idea does not take off, I will stop this idea, of course. The idea is to make a Chaos Realm Race Nights, Where we will just have races on Saturdays. The weekday for races needs to be voted on.

With this Idea, I will have Race night mods who can host the room. I don’t set up rooms, don’t bother asking me. c:

I want to make this a fun idea. keep this a fun space. No one cares about winning or losing. Mods are allowed to kick anyone off the call if they become toxic. Just to be safe, this channel and voice call will need a special role.

Jimmy: “I care about being the best” And this is why I don’t like you, Jimmy. c:

Let see what has been added.

A new Idea and removing a lot of things, adding some higher level mods (That I can depend on) And a new role. and updated channels and a few new ones and a bit more. And a streamer page

Calls will now have limits, to keep people from popping in. If a room is full, feel free to use the other voice call rooms.

In May, this server “may” become private. I have everyone I want within my server. If it is Someone wants to join, let me know and I will make a link No promises on this tho. But I mean, who reads in this day and age.

update log

Let’s talk about somethings that have changed over within a few weeks of the first month. Or rather, this is an update on some things.

Let’s talk about streaming again.

So, the past few weeks of streaming have been stable, that is till… this week where my Internet has been pretty bad, cutting off for no reason and dropping frames. The Twitch server I use is pretty awful. dropping frames when there is no reason to drop in the first place.

Here the new game plan. Stream at 1250 bitrate and see how well this works out. Cause I mean, dropping frames is pretty annoying and when you drop like 2k in frames, that is part of your stream missing and I can’t stand to drop frames, it ruins the whole thing for those who would want to go back and watch the past stream or vod.

I will still finish the 06 Stream with my friends. And if, streaming still ends up being an issue for me. I will stick to uploading videos to twitch.


Stream at 1250 bitrate
Use Obs studio auto (server) ie, let it pick a server for me to use when streaming. If this doesn’t work, I will ignore this.

Sonic Hell (rom hack)

Bad news. The project has been canceled due to technical problems that were beyond my control. Files are deleted or overwritten which removed all progress. I could have looked for an answer but dealing with this again… No, I can not and will not try to deal with this. It is no longer worth it.

Good News: The project will be done with a fan game that I have planned in the future. I can’t say it will be called, and what I will say is that this is a good start to something better and can’t wait to make this project come true.

With this said. Any sites/pages about Sonic hell will be removed. I wanted to work on the hack but it was not meant to be.

Let’s plays

The lets play have been put on hold, since I have been busy with life, watching streamers, and streaming myself.

Status of current Let’s play: SRB2 as Sonic is almost done

The other lets plays, I have to see, as I will do some of them with friends. That’s only a few lets plays

I have another idea for lets plays. I will have my friends send me their voice audio after they record it then I can put it in good old Sony Vegas to edit and render. And upload after that. :P

I could use OBS to record my friends and my audio for lets plays but… It would pick up too much background noise. For a stream, it is fine but for a lets play, it is lazy and bad. :P But if people can’t record their voice, I will use this means of recording a let’s play

So these are the new changes or updates. Sorry for the lack of updates. Had a writer’s block for four days… ^^ But thanks for reading.

Review: Sonic R

Sonic and Tails catch wind of a “World Grand Prix” when they noticed that Doctor Robotnik has joined the “World Grand Prix” to win the Chaos Emeralds to take over the world. Knuckles and Amy find out about Robotnik’s plan and join up with Sonic to get the Chaos Emeralds before Doctor Robotnik has a chance to get them.

I’m using the Sonic Gems collection port of Sonic R to make this review, as I want to give my take on this, as a heads up.

Sonic R is your run of the mill 3D racing game. The game is basic, you have your “Grand Prix” acting as your main mode, and you have Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, and Doctor Robotnik to play as, and each character plays a bit different.

Sonic is the fastest, Tails has the best turning but is slow. Knuckles… Can glide but that’s the important thing. Amy has a “boost” power that allows her car to go fast and she can drive on water, and Robotnik can attack.

With these characters, you get five tracks to play through. From Resort Island, Radical City, Regal Ruin, Reactive Factory, and Radiant Emerald. (See a trend here with the R?)

In each course, your goal is to place first but there are other collectibles to get during the race. You have the Chaos Emeralds and the five Sonic Tokens in the four courses. Each course is paired with a pretty catchy and cheesy vocal Soundtrack while it’s not the best, it fits the stages or courses, for the most part. There is another mode, “Time attack” Which holds 3 extra modes but not worth mentioning.

My thoughts

Now, I said each character plays a bit different. The controls are too loose and I feel that the courses were not designed with the loose controls in mind. Over time, you can get used to them but I feel that is awful design.

The tracks are good for what they are. I feel like the tracks were made with a different plan in mind, as the characters run into walls or the water far too easy and it can be annoying.

Sonic R looked nice at the time but like any game, it will age poorly but Sonic R has not aged too bad but the flaws that others had with the game will become more clear to see what has aged poorly.

But is Sonic R a bad game? Due to all the memes around this game, I can’t say it has helped it in any way. Sonic R is not a bad game, it’s just underwhelming for a racing game.

But other racing games back then did offer more but I feel that Sonic R missed the mark. With Sonic R, at best, you will find an average Sonic racing game that offers not much. And at worst, you have an ok Sonic spin-off game that may not be worth your time.

Review: Dungeon Souls Revisit

I made a Dungeon Souls review in 2017 and it was long-winded. So I felt like coming back to this game

Dungeon Souls puts the player through a number of unique dungeons to remove the curse, and the core placed in the dungeon. Dungeon masters are cursed to guard the dungeons to keep their leader safe.

The dungeon master has turncoat and you must save them as well or free them. Are you up to the task to save the day? Or will you prey to the Dungeon masters and the redeemer on your way to break the curse?


When starting the main game, you can pick your character, difficulty and hop right into the action.

Your main goal is to activate these marks, that open the way to the next dungeon level. When all marks have been found in a dungeon level, The redeemer will come for you and as I write this, The redeemer can’t be killed.

Akin to toy pop, when you open the door in toy pop, the level begins to summon blocks that kill the player if they stay too long. While The Redeemer won’t kill you on touch, it will drain your HP but it can kill you.

When you go through a new dungeon, the enemies will get stronger which will give you a challenge

the controls for the game are “fine” with a keyboard or gamepad, and the auto-lock on to enemies makes life easy. The player feels nice. The player doesn’t have any weight to them when they move but that’s ok.

Dungeon souls control for handling movement and attacking feel nice good, no delay. Everything works as intended, and it makes me happy to say that you can come into this game and not have to worry.

There is even a tutorial for new players who want to know how to play that will teach them the basics controls for each character of the game, which is a wonderful feature to add to any game.

As you play through every even number level, you have a chance of entering a secret dungeon which holds a secret boss fit or a new set of levels for you to enjoy, within the current dungeon’s level but it’s up to luck if you get to enter or not

The current version of Dungeon souls works on a “lap system”. After you “beat” the boss at “The End 3” You are sent back to the start with all of your items, levels, and skills saved but things have changed. Now you can get the true ending but I don’t want to give away too much.

The game offers a wonderful soundtrack that is fitting for the game’s art style. Each song for each dungeon and dungeon master is great stuff.

Overall Thoughts

Dungeon souls have been a wonderful ride through, so much that I did two playthroughs of this game and I loved every moment of it and this is a game that keeps on giving.

While I loved this game to death, can I say this will be a game that anyone can pick up? I have to say yes. It’s easy to pick up and play but It’s not an easy game and you may die a lot.

BUT with Dungeon Souls, You can play an on a skill level that is for you. It’s hard but in a fair way. When you die, you can feel that it was your fault rather then the game being hard. But if it is your first time playing… How your first experience may go, is down to luck or RNG.

Will the first run show you the game has a lot to offer or will you get a bad run that will make you think otherwise? That’s the thing with rogue-like games. It’s down to luck if you will enjoy this kind of game.

It’s a great game, give it a try. I feel this game can bring you a great experience and this game has so much to offer. Do yourself a favor, and get this game. It’s a treat to be had.

Dungeon Souls:

To Lamina Studios, Mike Studios, and Black Shell Media, thank you for this wonderful game and I can’t wait for a new master piece.

My 2018 Goals

It’s that time again, a new year and new goals that people make but won’t do because they believe it’s easy. But I am not here to rant about people making goals that they will do for a bit then quit. I am here to talk about my goals and plans for 2018.

My goals or plans

1 Making a Cyberscore post & doing Ils

The Cyberscore post will be a list of ideas and suggestions for the site. I don’t expect them to use them, hell, I don’t expect them to look at this blog post planned in the future. it is just a list of changes, ideas, and suggestions I have for the site.

And as for ILs, I have a set list now. I want to get these done and say, I have done it.

Freedom Planet, Mario Kart 8, Pac-Man Championship Edition: DX, Pac-Man World 2, Sonic CD 2011, Sonic Forces, Sonic Generations (this may be a bit too much), Sonic Mania ?, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and SSB4

I will see if I can do all of these ILs

2 Calling friends more

I want to call friends more to shoot the shit (That means to talk about anything) and, this mainly was my bad, as I was way too busy with everything else. from dealing with drama to trying to make a game or stream or make a let’s play.

I do want to call my friends more and talk to my girlfriend more, and It’s a nice goal… Some of my friends are far too busy to call, too a point where I just stop bothering to ask them all together, because it gets me nowhere.

And I have friends on Twitter who I know I can’t call outside of a stream, that’s why I stopped trying to ask, because of time zones or them not being able to talk / not wanting to talk.

Sounds like I’m being mean but I’m not. BUT hey, things could change.

3 let’s plays for days

I have some lets plays in the works. SRB2 as Sonic is being worked on. I know most of my Twitter friends don’t care for lets plays anymore and that is fine.

LPS I have on the back burner:

Sonic Mania

Sonic Time Twisted

spark the electric jester (doing this with my GF)

Future Lets plays I want to get done.

Sonic Forces

Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

Sonic Colors

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Freedom Planet

Sonic 06

Sonic Riders

Wings Of Vi

4 Farming bits

I want to get back to farming bits to give to streamers, who earn them. I got lazy but I would like to save up, at least, 10000 bits, maybe more than that. Assuming ads are working

That is the plan. I have to see how this works out

5 Work on my game

I got what I needed. I got the game assets, I just need to figure out click team programming and I will be set to make fan games of the sort.

I want to make a decent game and tools. I want to make a Twitch. bit counter that plays music while you get bits. I have to learn to program in click team first.

6 SRC (

So, in 24 days, I may post one Sonic run to SRC but that would be it. I may run other games that’s not sonic.

May run Pac-man 2: The new adventures again, and some other games in the future.

7 & Discord friends

I have been getting friends requests from bots and others and rejecting them. From this day forth, I’m no longer adding any more users as a friend, unless you are a close friend of mine.

Any new friend requests will be rejected So in case some wonder why I deleted them or rejected their friend request. Now you know.

8 Getting friends use to Ony

You may noticed, @SonikSama is gone. The answer to the question is, There is NO MORE SONIK. Get with the program or be left behind in the dust.

If you say Sonik, you won’t be getting an answer. I made this name change for a reason. please respect that. If you can’t.

9 Making more reviews

I have plans on making more game reviews and sharing my opinion on games and what I think of them. I want to make more reviews, they are a fun hobby of mine.

I have reviews on the back burners

Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Advance series, Sonic Lost World, and more.

I am hoping to get these done and make even more.

10 Avoid Drama

I hope to avoid drama but that is a feat that can never be done, but I can damn well try. I want to avoid drama, if it doesn’t affect me or you in any way, I don’t want to know and I hate to be mean, I really do but I hate drama, it’s a waste of your time and my time.

11 Keeping friends in 2018

As we move forward, we make new friends, lose old ones, make enemies

While making this account, I may have lost some friends but I am gaining new ones, and here is to keeping friends. If I lose a friend because we simply disagree, so be it. I won’t look back.

12 Update my blog

I want to update my blog to be modern. Instead of having so many pages. I will make things more streamline and easy to view. And most of my pages are out of date and need a major update. I will do that in the future and update other things.

There were my goals. This may change in the future :3 Hope you will still be around. Stay cool and see you later.