Final SRB2 Online Stream Fun

It is that time again, boys and girls, to host SRB2 online during a stream. This should go well. Assuming there are no killjoys. Those people who join because it’s not the game the wanted to play.

Not to throw shade or anything. I like when mastakirby hosts a online game, but it’s too normal, there no real randomness here, no new surprises either. :c It’s too safe

But I, Ony, am here to fix that up with a chaotic game of SRB2, and make this pure chaos and fun. I hope you are ready for randomness.

I will be streaming SRB2 for the last time, because I plan on recording SRB2 games for the near future. Thanks, my guys. And hope to see you today.

I did say the last stream for SRB2, I will still host games(When I have time), I just won’t stream them.

3 PM or 4 PM – Eastern Standard Time

If something comes up, it may be delayed or pushed to a new date.

Stream link: twitch/chaosony