New updates

Let’s talk about what is going on. I shall go into “great detail” with these topics.

Oh boy, can’t wait to make the internet mad with my silly reasons.

You can CTRL + F to find the topic you wish to view if, things get too long to read. :P

Table of contents

  1. Inactive Twitter
  2. speedrunning
  3. Streaming
  4. Sonic Hack
  5. New things

  1. Inactive twitter

Ok, so, I’m sure 4 or 6 people noticed but my old twitter account @Soniksama is now inactive. I mean, it’s in the bio but people don’t read bios, that’s silly. Back on topic.

What does this mean for me? Well I’m fine and well. I feel pretty happy about doing this and making a new account. But I shall give my reasons for why I did this.

  1. I wanted a new start

I wanted to start over on Twitter. I was not happy with the current account SonikSama. I wanted to have a do over and make a new name for myself, and distance myself from speedrunners and some people and toxic users

While I did have “friends” on the other account. My twitter was full of friends who left Twitter or couldn’t get back in. And the other side was people that followed me cause I was friends with someone else.

I like being followed, but if, it means being followed by people who are there, just to add a number to your follower count. I am the kind of guy where if, a friendship is not mutual in any way, it’s not worth having in my eyes. This is why I followed mutuals on my new account.

And I wanted to make new friends, my old friends, I  have outgrew them

And I rather not be “known” as a speedrunner on my new account. I’m not too fond of speed running to begin with. I will talk about this, later on.

I wanted to re-brand myself as something else, using Sonik has got pretty old and it needs to be a change. And my Girlfriend gave me the best name.

I followed all the people who I have a mutual friendship with, and made one exception to someone who is not a mutual.

These are reasons that you will disagree with, but they are my reasons and hope you understand, if, not, oh well. I’m not gonna worry.

You might be asking “what’s the new Twitter account, Sonik?” Well, chances are, I’m following you. I am following people I trust, and are mutual friends.

There is a chance, I might have missed some friends. As long as you are still following @SonikSama on Twitter, I will be able to find you, If, you unfollow Soniksama, I’m not going to bother to look for you.

2.  Speedrunning

I have been more off then on with speedrunning games. I do see the point. Yes, you speedrun to test yourself, and see if, you can improve your skills and beat your time, and maybe beat someone else time.

I can understand the drive to be better, and that’s great. But this hobby is a mixed bag. Speedrunning can bring the very best out of people, and it can bring the worst out of people. A double edge sword

I been “speedrunning” for far too long, and I reached my peak in speedrunning, and as such, I made a list of 10 games I have speedrun. You can view said list here.

While I no longer care for speedrunning, that much, and their community, ugh, I will still do SRL races, and Individual Levels of games. Who knows, I may add speedrunning to my future games, but who knows

But I have to see what the future holds, If I do any speedruns, I will upload them to Twitch but I won’t put them on SRC, at least, the sonic speedruns anyway.

You thought I was gonna say something bad about speedrunning. Didn’t you?

3.  Streaming

Ah, this is something I lost interest in. I used to enjoy streaming to entertain viewers and chat with viewers, and other streamers. But as streaming gets more advanced on twitch, the harder it becomes to entertain viewers, let alone get any viewers.

I will give my reasons why I lost interest in streaming.

Shitty ISP or Twitch messing up.

There no one to really entertain anymore

I’m a small channel, I have no way of getting noticed or entertaining people

No one really watches, as most of the stuff I have done was done better by someone else.

I don’t enjoy streaming as much (After 5 years of streaming.. Damn, it has been that long), going from entertaining viewers to no one is a bummer.

“You should not worry about views, stream for fun”  That used to work back in the old days of Twitch. Today, viewers seem to watch people speedruns, people rage at games, like fools, Social eating streams, IRL streams, and new game streams.

And the most common thing is Donation streams where people pay the streamer to watch freak out from bits or to donate for their “charity” Ugh.

*Streamer drama

It seems to be a common trend. Some shit is always going down. Twitch is full of nice people, but more than often, you meet the bastard who is nice but will stab you in the back later.

People assuming that other streamers are copying them, when they themselves copy others. Drama that happened with sunrose and someone else

Or disgusting is, people ganging up on those who were done wrong.

Why should I bother to stream when no one shows up? I can’t really compete with other streamers or have anything to offer that hasn’t already been done.

With the way Twitch is now, it’s hard for small channels like me to get anywhere. You have to stay relevant, in order to keep up on Twitch’s rat race. Yes, Twitch gives us the power to host to give small or big channels time in the light but it’s kinda worthless as it gets used on “bigger” streamers

So, to end this part, I will be doing 5 streams, assuming things go well.

Dec 5th, Dec 10th, Dec 15th, Dec 20th, Dec 25th And 31st as one bonus stream to end the last stream on new years

Game list below

Sonic Colors  (if it works, and I can find it.)

Mario Kart Wii

crypt of the necrodancer

mighty switch force

Super Meat Boy

  • Bonus stream

Once this happens, Any future streams will be for SRL races. But only time will tell how I will feel about streaming later in the future.

EDIT: I think I will take a break from streaming for a long while. :P

  1. Sonic Hack

Boy. So I made a post about this topic.  The main art for the hack is gone and level layout for Green hill Act one is, but it seems that levels that are edited will be wiped by some odd bug. So this hack is dead. It might just be a Special stage hack.

But it’s safe to say, this project is not gonna happen.

  1. New things

I been getting back into recording Let’s plays

Working on game dev stuff.

I have plans on making a Youtube let’s play Discord server.

Been making reviews, and having fun

Been making new friends

Life has been pretty sweet. ‘v’

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