Streaming Pangya Celebrity

Sup, my one viewer. Sonik is back with another post, but this time, it’s something new. More of a update post for a livestream.

So, me and some friends and strangers are going to play Pangya C, “One night stand”, as my friend has said. If everything goes as plan, there will be a stream tonight about anime golf. This will be the last pangya C stream, as I have no plans on touching this game again.

I will be streaming Pangya C with friends, for as long as I can. You can watch the stream by using the sidebar and clicking “Twitch” image. There will be laughs, and there will be anger, but mostly laughs and good times, assuming we do Voice call.

The stream should start at 6 PM or later, again, if things go as plan, there will be a stream, if not, maybe tomorrow will be the day to livestream.

My Twitch stream

But, just because I no play Pangya C doesn’t mean it has to end there. You can play it yourself, and start a new legend and show off your skills.

With that said, hope to see you there and thanks for reading, sorry, this was a short post. :P