Thoughts on Dungeon Souls Hotfixes.

So Dungeon Souls got a Hotfix or a new patch but I am here to see what has been fixed or added to the game and give my new thoughts on the hotfixes.

Dungeon Souls cover art by LAMINA STUDIOS

The fixes and new features.

Going to talk about the new features added to the game. And I will give my new thoughts on them.

NOTE: As I am writing this post, two new patches/updates have come out since then. Damn. They are working fast. This post may be outdated at any rate.

So, the folks over at Lamina Studios has pumped out 3 updates/fixes and I will go through them and play the game and let you know if it is better and worth your money.

v1.0.4 – HOTFIX

Gamepad Support. They mention that,

“Several reviews have pointed out that the controller scheme”

Now, not sure if my review was seen by them. Would be cool but anywho. They go on to say the reviews point out the gamepad support is a bit uncomfortable at playing, rendering the option useless. After a while, you get used to it but it was still uncomfortable.

So, to make up for it. They added “Aimbot” Which will lock onto a nearby foe, if you are not aiming by yourself. And I must say that the aimbot is a complete piece of…. WONDER AND JOY

Finally, able to lock onto enemies when you are not aiming is great stuff. Thank you Lamina Studios. You gave us a gift~

The Aimbot is not perfect, by any means. But it does wonders and makes the game more user-friendly to new players. The aimbot needs some work but damn is this a great feature added to the game.

And you can autosave your once, you beat a boss. A blue door will show up, allowing the playing to continue where they left off later, which is an another great feature they added to this game.

Dungeon Souls boss room.

You can check for the bug fixes in the update log at the end of this post.

The other two patch notes are about bug fixes you can read on your own.

What do I think?

The game has got some nice bug fixes and a wonderful feature. If the game had online co-op It would be so much better. I have also seen that users had problems running the game?

I am going to play the game on normal from start to end, and I won’t be using any warp to hidden levels to let you know if the game is beatable.

I am using a Windows 8.1 Pc

Level 1 –  to the end. The game is great. It is beatable, granted I didn’t play the hidden levels to see if they are good to go but it felt so much better with the auto aim or aimbot that they added to the game. Again, Lamina Studios, this is a good game and thanks for making it. :3

Dungeon Souls Ending

As a quick note: The game gave me a “Did your game crash” screen at the ending. It was a bit odd… Nonetheless, I had a blast playing Dungeon Souls again.

Here is my review: My review: Dungeon Souls I will update this Review later.

Sources Below to the patch notes and bug fixes:

Dungeon Souls v1.0.4 – HOTFIX




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