Facebook fan page status

Hiya, Sonik here with a new post. So later this year, I made a post saying there would be an update surrounding my Facebook Fan page and what will happen to it and my own account as well.

As you know, I have not been all that active on facebook and this kinda ties in with my Fan page being kinda inactive. Somewhat. But there is a reason.

The reason why I am shutting down my facebook fan page

I wanted to make a fan page cause I knew it would be a place to post content. However, making content that is worth a fan page is hard. Seeing as the “stuff” I make, I don’t see worth keeping a fan page up for.

Yeah, I blog a lot on WordPress and rant….A lot. I wouldn’t say that is worth having a fan page for. I color and shade in sketches but again, I don’t see a point for having a fan page for it. If I did for some reason, see what I do or did that was worth having a fan page in the first place. It would be a waste of time, as it is on a social site that I barely use.

I made my fan page cause I felt that the stuff I did prior was worth having a fan page and I thought I would be able to pump out a game in a week or a month or 2. But that was not the case. Game Development takes time and work to make a working game, it’s not something that can be done in a matter of weeks or a few days. Unless you are a game developer who has been doing this for years.

I got off track here. Point is, I jumped the gun with this Facebook Fan Page idea. And that is why I am closing it down and I have never been fond of Facebook, to begin with. Take that as you will.

I will not Deactivate my Facebook account if, by some chance, I’m needed on facebook for something. But I really won’t be needed for anything on facebook, so I’m good there.

Facebook is a nice, err, ok site to me. That is opinion. I know, pretty crazy.

So, what is going to happen? I am shutting down the facebook fan page. I may make a “Fan page” on Twitter in the near future. And maybe come back to make a fan page on Facebook, this will only be done once I master game stuff or make things that is worth having a fan page.

I want to say thank you to everyone who supported my inactive fan page. I never thought I would have people like my page, it has been an honor.

So, in the future, I may make a twitter page for my stuff but, I will have to see what the future holds for me. But this was the update I wanted to make for the fan page. And I think I should be clear about “shutting down”.

The fan page is dead, it will no longer get any more updates, streams, anything to the fan page. It’s inactive. I will delete it tonight. At 1 AM, EST

But again, thank you to those who followed my fan page but it’s not fair for you to follow, an inactive fan page and it’s better this way.

Thanks for listening to me about this. :P My Fan page was up for 3 years. Amazing.

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