Review: Dungeon Souls

Let me talk about Dungeon souls, a rogue-like game made by Lamina Studios, Mike Studios.

Dungeon Souls is your run of the mill rogue-like game and what makes it stand out from the rest? I am here to tell you. Maybe. I don’t know but I am going to try anyway. :D

I’m Sonik and I will be your guide.

Dungeon Souls


I will try to give you an idea of a story, though, there is not much here for one.

You have died in a dungeon that is part of a much bigger threat. Those who die in this dungeon are cursed to guard it in the afterlife against their will. That is, till you come along. You have died but was brought back to life to break the curse that the dungeon has placed on you and others and save the day or die trying.

That is what I get from playing Dungeon Souls. I am not sure there is a story but if not, you got one now. For free.


Dungeon Souls is your rogue-like game that will have different dungeon layouts every time you die, win or restart the level. It’s always a new change of pace

Dungeon Souls Archer

In Dungeon Souls,  You can do a lot, it may not look like it but there is a lot to do.

In this game, you can level up as you play, earn money and pick up objects that can be used later. This is an RPG Rogue-like that lets you upgrade your character after a run has ended.

Passives and rank, Another feature that this game has. Passives are for all characters, That is a great thing to do.

Here are passives at max. (I played this game to death.) >_>

Passives give you an HP boost or make gold or gems or cash worth more

Dungeon Souls Maxed Passives

And as for ranks, I have beaten one character with all rank or 5 stars. Rank adds a permanent upgrade to your stats, like the passives they add a permanent upgrade to stats.

You can also craft items or gear or rare ingredients at Arcane Forge, which can be used to make weapons or gear that has a rare effect.

Which is cool to get an edge on your next run, to keep you alive when the going gets tough.

For the goal, you must work your way through the dungeon while getting stronger and upgrading yourself to stay alive. In each room, there are 2 levels then an area boss, you must beat to get to the next area to move on.

And let’s talk about game difficulty because BOY. This is where the game will test you

We have Easy

Dungeon Souls Easy mode

This is a difficulty that you NEED to play, if you are new. Trying to play on normal and it’s your first time, you are not going to have a fun time. TRUST ME.

Then we have Normal

Dungeon Souls Normal mode

This is what I feel you should play after you beaten Easy and unlocked a few items and got the hang of things. Mainly, the control and feel for the game. But this is base game difficulty but it’s fair after you mastered the basics.

Then we have Nightmare

Nightmare is where you must have learned and/or know the basics of the game, and have some luck on your side while knowing what items to pick up and leave.  This is for those who want a real challenge when normal mode is not enough.

Now, you may ask “What is the last skull or difficulty?”

Do you like suffer in video games? If you said yes, I don’t know why you would say yes.


Well, here we are. Welcome to hell.

Dungeon Souls IMPOSSIBLE mode

The game has assumed you mastered everything the game has to offer. This is RNG Mode, in a sense that if you get bad drops or loot, your run may be over before it can start. This is a more of a Risk vs reward.

I should talk about the shop in Dungeon Souls.

Dungeon Souls Shopkeeper

Here, you are able to buy 1 item to help you out on your quest. Some items do stack which will make the item stronger or make its effect stronger or give it a higher % to activate.

Which is great to have. If you are playing on a harder mode.

I should talk about how you clear a level.

You start here

Dungeon Souls starting point

Each level has a  X number of marks that you need to find and activate to clear the level and move on to the next one. If you get all the marks but take to long to leave the level. This guy will greet you.

Dungeon Souls Redeemer warning

He will come for you and steal your HP till you are dead. No, you don’t want to fight this bad boy.

My final thoughts

Dungeon Souls is a fun rogue-like that is deep with content and secrets, The game is fun and if you are into rogue-like games, you may like this. It’s no binding of Isaac, but for what it does, it does it well.

It stands out from your other rogue-like games and that is better than being a clone of another game. It’s a rogue-like that adds RPG elements to the mix which gives you a reason to replay the game over after you won or lost.

Dungeon Souls does have controller support but it feels like it was meant to be played on the keyboard. Don’t get me wrong, controller support is great… Unless you are attacking which, at that point, it feels like elements from “enter the Gungeon”, on how you attack, by holding the right analog stick to aim then press the button to attack/shoot.

Just a minor nitpick I have with the game.

The game is $12.99, It’s a fair price for what the game offers here. I did get this game via a steam key by Black Shell Media and I want to say that. This is what I think about the game.

As I am writing this, A bug with a patch or update has broken the game, making it unplayable by blocking off areas in some levels. I will say this, wait till the bugs are fixed then buy the game if you are into it.

UPDATE: The game has been fixed and updated. You can beat the game now with no problems.

But this was my thoughts/review on Dungeon souls. Worth the money or wait for a steam sale.

I’m Sonik and thanks for reading. :3

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