Sonic Mania Stream

So, Sonic Mania is now out on PC and I forgot about Sonic mania for the most. It’s hard to avoid things you don’t want to see when people stream IL’s, playthroughs, speedruns, or make reviews. (People got to be first to everything), oh well. Can’t beat them, join them.

But this will still be a semi new experience for me. So, if you watch, get ready for fails, deaths and maybe game overs? I will be in a discord call, so, if you happen to be in my server, join in. Or private call me on Discord.

Make sure your mic is a good. Stream playback through mics is a huge no-no. Mute the stream when you join the call. If you join, that is.

(Side bar to the right is your friend)  There is the link to my stream. The stream will start at 3:30 PM EST

I will be playing as Sonic and Tails and will try to get all the emeralds and try to get all the blue spheres if I can. And if I get the good ending, which I won’t be able to do on my first try, I will try again.

What can you expect from my stream? There may be a rant if something gives me a reason to rant. Talking about stuff and being chill, which is normal for my streams.

“I don’t like rants and this is not comfy” There the door. now GTFO. Had to add in a mini rant.

If people make clips of my stream, that would be awesome, not gonna lie. That would be sweet.

Now the goals for the stream:

Have Hypersonic7701 watch anime

Have Hypersonic7701 Join me for the stream and maybe others

Stream as long as I can

Beat the game as Sonic and Tails

Beat the game as Sonic alone

Beat the game as Tails alone

Beat the game as Knuckles alone

Get the bad ending

Get the good ending

If I can’t do this in one day and that won’t happen most likely, I will stream it tomorrow or another day.

I know this is not a long post but more of a update. Thanks for reading. c:

Sonik edgelord.

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