Hello again. Sonik back again with a new post and the new posts after this will be light hearted or back to normal and rants and the like.

Let’s start, shall we? This will be a “short” post

As I used to say on Twitter and on stream, I can get sub and twitch bits as I was happy but I started to care less and less about getting sub and bits from viewers but it would still be nice.

So here is the deal with while I don’t have a sub button and you may understand why.

1 PayPal

This is the one issue as PayPal is one of many problems. My family has PayPal but because my mother is a seller, this puts me in a bad spot where I can’t get sub or bits from viewers.

I could try but the chances of my PayPal getting shut down are high and PayPal has us blacklisted though my mother has workarounds for her. I am on my own here for the time being.

We have talked about a workaround that uses a VPN and virtual machine but it feels more of a risk as I NEED to use those to log in to PayPal and a slip up means my account is done.

2 Amazon

Now that Twitch is apart of Amazon in some way another issue rises and that is linked to PayPal. The problem is my mother is a seller and my family had other PayPal accounts linked to their Amazon

So making an Amazon account would just mess things up with the family and I rather not mess things up just because I want sub on twitch and an Amazon and PayPal account. It’s a silly reason.

TL;DR I can’t get sub due to issues with PayPal at the moment but I’m working on it. But at my pace, as I seen what sub and bits do to some streamers.

While I may not have sub or can get bits from streamers and viewers. I will still support streamers. The good ones anyway who are worth supporting.

But I hope by reading this, you will now know why I don’t have sub on my channel or bits but I am fine without it. Still pretty happy, to be honest.

I only like to be paid for when I make things, like video games, then to just get bits for nothing, really

That is an another reason why I don’t want sub and bits is, I want to make stuff that is WORTH getting bits for. Streaming games, eh.  Internet, you do you.


But that’s why I made this post was to give you a heads-up, not that most of you cared. :P Or maybe you do care. Who knows.

But that’s all I wanted to say. Give you an update.

Thanks for reading. :3