Another Twitter Rant

Ah, Twitter. Something I wanted to talk about or mention a bit. Let’s start as I want to talk about 2 features on Twitter.

I want to talk or rant about these features, so let’s start. I’m Sonik the edge-lord and hope you enjoy this post or like it.

This may be a short post.

Time for an opinion

So Twitter is a magical place. Full of life and opinions and so much. And Facebook, on the other hand, is ummm. Think of Facebook as a site where Parents go there to talk about nothing really.
Here, this clip sums up Facebook well. If you love and/or like Facebook, more power to you. To me, it’s not very important to me.

Back on track. So, Twitter, Land of opinions and active users. A place where one can be who they want to be. But as great as a place Twitter is, comes problems. Those who have opinions, often attack others or harass users who have different opinions or views.

/// Twitter RANT \

Those who harass and/or even attack others for having an opinion is a sad person. Opinions are not fact, yet, those on twitter will treat Opinions as fact. And it’s sad that we are in an age where someone opinion seems to have more power than fact. I know that is NOT the case here, but as of late, it really does feel like people value opinions and/or see them as fact.

I have seen on Twitter, that a Toxic Community went and harassed my friend, just because she made some remakes about a Twitch Stream being awful. That was her opinion. It’s not fact.

I will add my two cents here. I loved the fact that someone got upset cause she said the community was toxic. I will say that not all the members/runners are pieces of shit. THAT community does have good runners who are not toxic. A shame that they are in a community with toxic members.

To that one person who said something like “You don’t like being called toxic” or “You don’t like when people call your community toxic” or you think that someone calling your community toxic is going to stop new people from that “community”

1 If you don’t like being called toxic, Just walk away. Calling people crazy and/or insane is not good.  “Oh, you’re legit crazy for calling the community toxic” Not only is that petty but it’s sad

2 Why your community may be called Toxic, is that the members of said community are assholes, they put others down or won’t lend a helping hand or they have big egos like streamers, we all love to hate for good reasons. That will be for a later post in the near future. (Maybe)

Oh, yes. It will be a flying experience.

3 I find it sad that people believe that one opinion has the power to ruin a community. You need facts and proof and even then, no one is going to give a damn, because of what one person said on the internet. Let’s be fucking real. When has anyone ever cared about what someone else said about anything? They are opinions, not fact. Stop treating every opinion as if it were a fact.

4 Reading people tweets on a Livestream then laughing at the person, making jokes and fun of the person when they are not there. Is fucking rude. Having your friends mock said person is just sad. If someone does like your stream, move the fuck on. You do not harass them and you make sure your viewers do not harass as well.

The Sonic “speedrun” community is a piece of shit and their members (Who I used to know) are just as shitty and shady like any other toxic community. But I have a bias against the Sonic Speedrun community, take it as you will.

Well, I have a burning hatred for the users in the Sonic speedrun community, I can say that I have met some awesome speedrunners who became my friends and people I’m glad I met.

To end this rant. Just move on. An opinion is just as harmless as these world records that speedrunners try SO hard to get. An opinion is not going to harm your community, you’re doing that all by yourself without any help, to be honest.

/// End Twitter Rant \

In the space of Twitter, you have people who will see your opinion as a “fact” and may or will attack you. Chances are that if you answer them. You are going to end up dealing with a nightmare.

The people you may deal with always “great”

The close-minded

The SADX runner who is open minded – RARE

The toxic SADX runner

That guy who sees opinions as facts and wants to argue.

The Toxic SADX runner’s toxic friends

Sonic Speedrun Community apologists

White knights

the open minded

And the twits

The list goes on and on, for the people you can meet by having an opinion, which can be good or bad if you are up for it.

But fear not, Twitter came down from the heaven of the internet and said “Take these tools and use them as you see fit” The amazing tools, like Muting and blocking.


Are you dealing with someone who is a problem but can’t get rid of them by unfollowing? Or do you want to let the person know they have messed up?

Well, I have the answer for you! Sick of trolls and people with big egos? Use the good old block feature to get rid of them. This will show the person that they were blocked and chances are, they got your message that you sent by blocking them.

The option to block someone is at your fingertips and it should only be used to block those who are there to cause problems but if you want to block people, then, who am I to tell you who to block or not block. But be careful on who you block, it may ruin future friendships with some people.


If you want to do something evil, here I offer, a power that has been feared by many. A taboo, if you will. able to mute a person and they have no idea that they were muted.

If you don’t want to deal with a white knight or friends bullshit, simply mute them and they will be gone, just like that. But that is the basic mute feature. It has been upgraded since then.

You can mute anyone you don’t follow or mute those who don’t follow you. The power is yours. Odd enough, people say it’s better to be blocked then muted. I guess cause you know you are blocked and better to know than guess if you are muted or not.

I guess I should talk about the ways you can be blocked by others, And there are a number of ways you can be blocked on Twitter

  1. Being a speedrunner
  2. Having a opinion
  3. Having a opinion that someone disagrees with
  4. Making a account (you are already blocked by some accounts)
  5. ranting
  6. venting
  7. posting memes
  8. Liking and/or retweeting too much.
  9. Being in a toxic community

You would be shocked at the reasons why someone would block you. It’s funny and sad.

But that’s all I wanted to say in this post. It turned into a rant near the start. :P