Sonic Mania delay

So, Sonik here. Where to start? At the Time of this post. Sonic Mania has been released for PS4, Switch, Xbox one. PC, on the other hand, has been delayed due to a game breaking bug.

Let me talk about this with you. And why it is a good thing. That is how I see it in my eyes.

Sonic Mania was delayed due to a game breaking bug or a bug that was serious to delay the game to fix it. Here is why this is good. Sega is trying to make sure that Sonic mania is well made and that it works and feels like a game that they can feel proud of.

I am for the delay if it means the game will be stable and optimized for steam users. This is the first time that Sega wanted to make sure that the game was up to standards. People should be happy, but they can’t be cause “They want it now” And it’s sad.

Sonic fans want a good game and some fans are willing to wait. But then we have the Sonic fans who are toxic, loud and brats who want everything given to them.

“They had enough time to work on it.”

“They should have fixed the bugs by then”

That is not how game development works. You can spend days, weeks, years, working on a game and you could put your soul, heart, into this game and make it almost perfect. Bugs or errors can come up from anywhere.

You can’t just fix a bug or an error with a flip of a switch. They need to go into their code and see what is the problem then test the game on pc. If they do, fix one bug, chances are that a new bug may rise up after the old one got fixed.

“I pre-purchase the game”

I find it both sad and funny, that people are upset cause mania got a delay. You really can not please any Sonic fans. If they did release Sonic mania in the state that it was in. Fans would whine that the game doesn’t work well. And if sega did release it with the bug fixed, Sonic fans would still whine and bitch.

Sega, as of late is in a Damn if they don’t or damn if they do. Sonic fans or the awful Sonic fans always have a REASON.

But I support the move to delay the game. If it works, then it will be worth the wait. If you waited ALL this time for mania to come out, you can wait 2 more weeks. It’s sad and pathetic that people are UPSET over a game being delayed. It’s so sad that it’s not even funny anymore.

I wanted to speak out on this Mania delay, cause it’s stupid to be upset over a delay. Go play other games or do other things while you wait. Whining and being sad is not gonna make mania come out any faster.

Thanks for reading.


“It hurts to live”