Hello people, edgelord here with a new post of sorts. This will be a short post. A list.

Here are the games I want to speedrun one last time before I move away from speedrunning and over to racing games with friends.

These runs will be done on my Twitch.tv page.

Sonic 1 – beat the game

Sonic 2 – beat the game

Sonic 3 & K ? – beat the game

Sonic 3DBlast – beat the game – done

SRB2 (As Tails) – beat the game Done before


Sonic Lost World

Freedom Planet – done

savant – ascent

Sonic CD no

SADX done

SA2B – heroes, done

Sonic Heroes – Team sonic, never

Shadow The Hedgehog

Sonic Advance 2 – done

Dungeon Souls – maybe

Sonic spinball (Done)

Pac man 2: The new Adventures

Sonic The Fighters – done

Sonic R, Done

Sonic 4: EP 1

I had another list, like this but that list was too long and it was bad. Please note, not every game you see will be done in one day. :P

But thanks for reading this short post.

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