Sonic Mania Stream

So, Sonic Mania is now out on PC and I forgot about Sonic mania for the most. It’s hard to avoid things you don’t want to see when people stream IL’s, playthroughs, speedruns, or make reviews. (People got to be first to everything), oh well. Can’t beat them, join them.

But this will still be a semi new experience for me. So, if you watch, get ready for fails, deaths and maybe game overs? I will be in a discord call, so, if you happen to be in my server, join in. Or private call me on Discord.

Make sure your mic is a good. Stream playback through mics is a huge no-no. Mute the stream when you join the call. If you join, that is.

(Side bar to the right is your friend)

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Hello again. Sonik back again with a new post and the new posts after this will be light hearted or back to normal and rants and the like.

Let’s start, shall we? This will be a “short” post

As I used to say on Twitter and on stream, I can get sub and twitch bits as I was happy but I started to care less and less about getting sub and bits from viewers but it would still be nice.

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2 Rants for the price of 1

There is something I always found annoying in people from time to time. It’s like, it builds up and becomes annoying over time. Hello, I’m sonik and I’m here to rant.

So, I see people and friends do this and it is a mindset that I find annoying is where friends and people tend to have where if they are “friends” with someone and they will push for you to be their friend as well.

I can see this being a normal and fair thing to do. I mean there is nothing with trying to get your old friends be friends with the new ones. I used to do that or be like that. The problem here is that you can’t assume or think cause you are “friends” with them, that would mean that everyone would just get along off the bat.

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Stream snipers on

Hello again. It’s me, Sonik the edge-lord and I have a new post I want to share my thoughts on stream snipers and such. So, let’s hop in. And open a can of worms.

You might be wondering and/or asking, “What is a stream sniper?”, well, Jimmy boy. A stream sniper is a viewer with or without an account that watches a live stream to get the upper hand on someone.

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Another Twitter Rant

Ah, Twitter. Something I wanted to talk about or mention a bit. Let’s start as I want to talk about 2 features on Twitter.

I want to talk or rant about these features, so let’s start. I’m Sonik the edge-lord and hope you enjoy this post or like it.

This may be a short post.

Time for an opinion

So Twitter is a magical place. Full of life and opinions and so much. And Facebook, on the other hand, is ummm. Think of Facebook as a site where Parents go there to talk about nothing really.
Here, this clip sums up Facebook well. If you love and/or like Facebook, more power to you. To me, it’s not very important to me.

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Sonic Mania delay

So, Sonik here. Where to start? At the Time of this post. Sonic Mania has been released for PS4, Switch, Xbox one. PC, on the other hand, has been delayed due to a game breaking bug.

Let me talk about this with you. And why it is a good thing. That is how I see it in my eyes.

Sonic Mania was delayed due to a game breaking bug or a bug that was serious to delay the game to fix it. Here is why this is good. Sega is trying to make sure that Sonic mania is well made and that it works and feels like a game that they can feel proud of.

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Hello people, edgelord here with a new post of sorts. This will be a short post. A list.

Here are the games I want to speedrun one last time before I move away from speedrunning and over to racing games with friends.

These runs will be done on my page.

Sonic 1 – beat the game

Sonic 2 – beat the game

Sonic 3 & K ? – beat the game

Sonic 3DBlast – beat the game – done

SRB2 (As Tails) – beat the game Done before


Sonic Lost World

Freedom Planet – done

savant – ascent

Sonic CD no

SADX done

SA2B – heroes, done

Sonic Heroes – Team sonic, never

Shadow The Hedgehog

Sonic Advance 2 – done

Dungeon Souls – maybe

Sonic spinball (Done)

Pac man 2: The new Adventures

Sonic The Fighters – done

Sonic R, Done

Sonic 4: EP 1

I had another list, like this but that list was too long and it was bad. Please note, not every game you see will be done in one day. :P

But thanks for reading this short post.

New goals / changes for this year

I have so many things I want to do for this year or before this year is over. It’s a list of stuff, I plan on getting done, which would be great.

Let’s start the list.

1. Twitch stuff

Oh, Twitch. What a crazy year it has been. from having fun and having co-hosts to join me on stream but at the same time to know that some sonic streamers doing some fucked up shit. That will be for a later, down the line.


So this is the goals for this year for streaming on twitch are as followed.

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