Livestream this weekend.

So, this coming weekend, I want to do 3 livestreams and they are games that you know about or seen or even heard.

So, this is gonna be a semi-long post. Get a snack or a drink or both.


Sonic:before the sequel


So the first game I want to do or wanted to do for this channel is a fan game called “Sonic: BTS (BTS = before the sequel). This is a fan game I did over on my old channel, Sonikgamemaster. But I didn’t talk back then so, it was boring and it was not too pleasing to watch back then.

Now that I have a new channel and a “better setup”, I want to redo this game and go through it again, so this could be a very fun stream to watch. I will be aiming to get the good ending but we will see how that will go, won’t we?


This should be a 2 Hour stream, if things go on track. I may add Sonic: after the sequel

to the mix, If I have time. If I do play
Sonic: after the sequel, I will try to aim for the good ending as well but no promises.

Sonic: after the sequel may be longer then 2 hours, but I will try my best to complete the game butif anything comes up, then I will have a rain check for
Sonic: after the sequel.

The Stream will start from anywhere between 8 Am and 10 Am. I can assume that this may be a 4 hour stream or around that area.

Zelda: Breath of the wild (Master Mode) on Saturday – Sunday

As the Title says above, I will be playing Zelda: BOTW on Master Mode. Master mode is what it sounds like. Same game, just much harder then normal with a few bells here and there to add a spin on BOTW.


So, there will be death….A lot of game over screens. I will be doing shrines during the stream. I have put Champions on the back burner, as they are not too important for me.

Get as many shrines as I can. Get Korok seeds for slot upgrades and get the Master Sword in the end, then back to shrine hunting. And no, there will be no fast traveling as I learned that it ruins the game. You end up missing so much content.

I will also see if I can go back to a 3 heart run as it makes you make better, With 3 hearts, you know at any moment that a arrow will send you to the grave sooner then later.

So, BOTW Master Mode streams will last for 4 hours, unless something comes up. This will be a long stream, if you like Zelda, come by to watch me die, a lot. It will be fun for the family.

So, again, I will be streaming Zelda: BOTW Saturday and Sunday, if you forgot. :P

You can catch my stream by clicking this link.

But Thanks for reading and see you later.

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