A long rant / vent.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69fABjgxtXw This is pretty serious / dark of a rant, it’s not aim at anyone. Take this rant / vent with a grain of salt. I been wanting to say this for a while, normally, I would add some type of pictures that would be a meme but not today.. As you read this, this … Continue reading A long rant / vent.


Review: Sonic Spinball

I never thought I would make my first Game review after a game I hate. A spinball no less. But I will make this a fair review and give my thoughts on it. I used to hate spinball but my feelings for the game have changed over time. I dislike the game. Welcome to my … Continue reading Review: Sonic Spinball

Sonic Forces Infinite

Hello again, Sonik here with a new post. Sorry I have not been posting as much but that will change in the near future. So, as you already know. Sonic forces has showed off the new bad guy, Infinite. And damn, if Sega wanted to do edgy “right” They done it well here. I must … Continue reading Sonic Forces Infinite

Thanks for watching the livestream

This was a good 3 days of streaming on Twitch.tv. Beaten Sonic Before the Sequel on stream, I didn’t have enough time to do Sonic After the Sequel but I will do that later down the line. I was able to stream BOTW with no real issue, and got a lot of things done in … Continue reading Thanks for watching the livestream

Livestream this weekend.

So, this coming weekend, I want to do 3 livestreams and they are games that you know about or seen or even heard. So, this is gonna be a semi-long post. Get a snack or a drink or both. Sonic:before the sequel (Friday) So the first game I want to do or wanted to do … Continue reading Livestream this weekend.

The Legend of Zelda: BOTW – Master Mode livestream

Zelda: BOTW - Master Mode stream on twitch.