Let’s talk: about my forum

Hello there, Sonik here and with a new update. It’s not a big, but it’s a fairly /big/ update.

So, as you know, I been pushing this a bit. But I am working on game dev stuff and a Sonic hack. I figured while I make the hack or fan game, I could try to build a community of sorts.

So, I am using wix to make a simple forum, as I feel that it will be fine enough. Anyone may join and if you have ideas for a hack, let us know in the forums. If you don’t want to join, this is also fine as well.

Why should you join?

Join me and let us make silly games or tool for streaming, like sound tools or music tools or projects.

I can’t promise you that this stuff will be done in a day, but I would love the support and having a little community  is always nice.

And you can help or make ideas that would or may end up being used, which is good and pretty sweet.

But if you want to join then you can, if not, that again is fine too.

So if you join, you will be a member. You can post and share

Those who join my discord server and stay in and been active, You get a special role

This is a good way to keep up who is active and reward them. And in case we move to a new forum setup, your email will be your card. Think of it like a club “Here is my card” It would be like that.

So, thank you for reading. :3

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