Let’s talk: about my forum

Hello there, Sonik here and with a new update. It’s not a big, but it’s a fairly /big/ update.

So, as you know, I been pushing this a bit. But I am working on game dev stuff and a Sonic hack. I figured while I make the hack or fan game, I could try to build a community of sorts.

So, I am using wix to make a simple forum, as I feel that it will be fine enough. Anyone may join and if you have ideas for a hack, let us know in the forums. If you don’t want to join, this is also fine as well.

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SRB2 forfeit rules (Subject to change)

So, I had some ideas for SRB2 and they were ok but then I found something that gave me a new idea to make SRB2 more fun or not. Lol, depends on what you think is fun. :3

So.. When you see “forfeit” You normally assume it means you quit or give up, in this sense, you are right but this is different when you add a game to the mix.

So X = (Any game) forfeit is where you and a group of friends play a game and the main idea is you want to avoid being dead Last or losing. If you lose then you Forfeit and the one who is first is the winner.

The winner can pick what the loser will do or say, as the following below will show you

The loser must do it.

The Winner can:

  • Make them a custom Icon (Of their choice) to use for the rest of the day on Twitter or Discord
  • Make them change their name to something silly
  • make them a custom name and Icon for the day
  • make a tweet or message for them to post to their followers on twitter or in discord
  • More

It must be silly and in good fun. Nothing mean.

So for SRB2

Race mode

Get First, avoid Last

Countdown to DNF: 100

Azure Temple Zone Countdown is set to 1500

If you get kick due to resyncing at the start of the race, you can rejoin to get back in the game

You may attack / kill other players to get a edge on the game if you need to.

Boxes are disabled

Race will be about skill and luck as who you get will be random

If there is a draw in players with DNF, then the one who has DNF in last place will be the loser

Competition Mode

Lives set to 10

Boxes are on, (Super ring, Eggman, 2 other things)

Countdown to Gameover: 75

You may attack / kill other players to get a edge on the game if you need to.

Race will be about skill and luck as who you get will be random

Aim for 1st, not Last place. If you Game over and get last, then you are the loser and must wait for the winner to pick your fate.

Also, if you game over but are not dead last, you are safe.

I got the idea from the video below, if you wanted to know.

New Personal Discord server update

It’s time for a new update :3 A personal server update. Let’s start.

So, the server will be using roles now. The server had roles but they were just there to chat and such. But custom roles will be added along with other roles

Changes coming now or later

New Server Icon

New roles

New channels

Removing Inactive channels

New Emotes (Some time soon)

Any files will be scanned

And more ‘ v’

Role only rooms (thinking about it)

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