Revio shutting down

So, let talk about Revio. Revio is shutting on June 16th. A shame really, It was a great way to keep track of good viewers and reward them with prizes or gifts.

Let’s talk about what will happen to the gems for my Revio bot. You may keep earning gems by watching and being active, You can earn gems up till June 15th, at midnight I will save the viewer’s gems.

Any gems you earn after June 15th by gambling, watching, redeeming gems WILL NOT BE SAVED. The Export is going to be for “All Time Gems” so the current amount of gems by gambling, redeeming gems will not be saved over.

And for those with 10K or 5K “All Time Gems” You will be able to join giveaways, those with less them 3 gems will have giveaways locked on your account till you reach 5K in gems.

There will be rewards that you can earn and if you are in the discord, there are little perks that some may like. That’s later in the future,

But yeah, just wanted to make a short post on this. :3

This might be a fun little Idea. But we will see how this will end, hmmm?

Thanks for reading and farewell Revio~

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