Zelda: breath of the wild shrine hunting

So, as the title says above, The upcoming Zelda stream for this Saturday will start at 8 Am and end at 12 Pm (“maybe” past 12 Pm) will be all about finding shrines to get the orbs to upgrade hp. Get ready to see that game over screen a lot more than normal.


In the shrine hunting adventure, there will be little story progression, is what I am aiming for this stream. I need to up my HP and Stamina as both are very low, so, here is the high optional goal for the stream I’m aiming for is 50 shrines, would be nice but it would be pretty tiny but still helpful.

The Second but main goal is to get 25 shrines, which would be needed to help stay alive.  I will be trying to get armor and other things if they are in the way.

So, if you are up for watching Link die non-stop by almost everything, then my stream is the place to be for that. And why I picked Saturday, is for one reason and that reason is so I can get my Twitch Affiliate setup on my account.

I enjoy streaming streaming since i am no longer speedrun and damn, is that a good feeling. So yeah, Twitch Affiliate “should” be set up before Saturday but if something comes up, I will post about it on my twitter account.

Well, that’s all. I hope to see you, this Saturday at my livestream, I may even have a co-host WHO would not leave out of the blue during the stream, but I have to see later.

Twitch.TV Channel: sonikchan

Thanks for reading :3