The future for Sonic 1 Hell (Kaizo Sonic – Fan project)

Hi there. Sonik here with serious type of post. It’s not too serious, No one cares about it but let’s go on shall we?

So I made a post talking about a new rom hack I am making. This was going to be for HyperSonic7701 and Mastakirby. A gift to them and a indirect follow up to my last hack but more complete.

Sonic Hell, the named given by HyperSonic7701, Sonic Hell is meant to be my first “real” kaizo like hack of Sonic 1, The idea is to make the game hard but fair where a player can beat the game at least.

The hack will have many things:

  • New Level Layout
  • New Special stages
  • Level traps
  • Deadends
  • New pathways
  • Secret exits
  • Secret traps

With all this in mind, and what I have planned, I want to say that this may take a year to 6 months to have ready after testing the game and making sure Sonic speedrunners can’t break the game too easily.

So I was thinking after I complete this sonic 1 rom hack. I was thinking of moving on to Sonic 2, but Sonic 2 is a much bigger game than Sonic 1. I would assume that Sonic 2 would take 2 to 3 years tops to do a complete overhaul and that is a turn off..

Then I look at Sonic 3 and knuckles and this could take roughly 2 to 5 years tops to complete and what started off was a simple dream turned into something else. But this opened my eyes that, this would be a waste of time to work on Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 and Knuckles rom hacks.

I could take my times with the hacks and work with one at a time and that could work but more then likely, I would get burned out pretty fast which would end in me just scraping the whole thing. And that would be no good.

So here is what I am offering or plan on doing is, completing the hack (Sonic 1 Hell) and stopping there. I had “plans” and I don’t want to keep making Sonic hacks. Making hacks is fine but hacks are slowing down, not by much but just enough to feel that hacks are done.

When you make fan games, everyone can play it from the start and won’t need to download any other tools to play your sonic rom hacks.

But once I finish the hack, I plan on giving people the tools to make their custom Sonic 1 game / hack. I did not make the tools but I have them set up for use, If you want to use them. This is just a idea and no plans to go forward with this has been set in stone…Yet.

The Drive to make fan games is stronger than the drive to make rom hacks, but, oh well.

And now, you know the status or future the rom hacks or rom hack. I will be streaming the hack to until I reach Marble Zone then all from there will be a secret.

Well, that’s all I have to say but thanks for reading. Again, I may or may not add the tools to the file.