Another rant

So as you know I did a mini twitch rant a while ago but I have a new rant that I want to talk about everything and add more detail and I want to get this off my chest.

And this rant won’t be petty like me ranting about Twitch name changes or Streamers using silly AFK screen because that is petty and sad…Real sad.

So as of late– Wait



  1. let’s go back to were streamers was fun to be around
  2. Let’s fall down the hole
  3. Small streamers get bigger
  4. So what happens after they get bigger
  5. Twitch affiliate and oh boy
  6. Hi there, White knights?
  7. What I learned at the end of this rant

1 let’s go back to were streamers was fun to be around

But before I do start. THIS IS A RANT, I will talk about that later. Remember this as this will be relevant, later in the post.

Let’s go back to a time where streamers were nice and they wanted to be your friends or the least try to support you and be there.

2013 was a good year to meet streamers and a good year to be a streamer, cause this was a time where people was there to help you out more or less while at the same time, streamers were just trying to find their place on twitch.

I joined twitch in 2013 and it was a good time for me to join the Twitch scene but It was cause of hyper, when I found out he had a twitch, I joined and it was a good time after I started to find my place here but at the time I was SonikGameMaster

And I met a shit ton of streamers who were small and friendly and most of them were fun and just starting out, I met people I am glad I met and people I regret meeting

Granted, I have met most under the account “SonikGameMaster” which I then later made a new account named “Sonikmage” And met the rest of the streamers, for better or worse.

2 Let’s fall down the hole

So, streamers are still being helpful and going to smaller channels to support them and watching them cause as you know. Watching a streamer, chatting, tweeting out their stream page helps out more than you know.

And every bit of help for small streamers is always nice, you make them feel like when they stream, it’s not a wasted effort and every small streamer loves to know that their time is not in vain when it comes to streaming.

And this is 2014 where Twitch gave everyone, the host option that can let a caster or viewer, host their streamer of choice, which is an another way to support the streamers you watch.

The idea for hosting was for casters or viewers to host their favorite streamer and join and chat with your favorite streamer while with your friends, This worked for a while then later this Idea was ruined.

Instead of watching the streamer you wanted to support, People would come host but leave after the host. Yeah, 20 + viewers are nice and all but more than likely, they will leave, which at that point feels like an insult in itself.

You host someone after a stream

But can’t bother to stay more than 1 or 2 mins

And you feel hosting is nice, Hosting has value, just not much to it to be honest.

To add salt to the wound, your followers/viewers will leave right after, which makes your Host, A waste of time, which would make someone wonder, why even host in the first place.

3 Small streamers get bigger

To help out smaller streamers, You can watch their stream, you can share their stream, you can host them and stay and chat with them, you can chat with them, give them shoutouts from time to time, you can raid them with viewers, hanging out with them as they stream helps in a way.

You can even make them things, or offer to take time out your day to make them channel layouts or overlays, you can buy them things which are up to you but it can help. Just remember this, as it will come up later.

As the small streamers get bigger, they start to get noticed more often by semi bigger streamers or big streamers which will help them grow their channel which is fine and all.

Their personality changes.

Their fans or viewers will be there to support them with whatever they do if it is a dumb move or smart move.

Now that the small guys are now semi big guys, they are going to hang out with the bigger guys more than the smaller guys. It makes sense if you stream or hang out with the bigger streamers, that is going to help you out in some way which can help your channel grow

Being friends with a bigger streamer can have its rewards if the bigger streamer is friends with bigger streamers or higher ups or have favorites

But where does that leave the small guys, Unless you are an upcoming Sonic Speedrunner or an upcoming speedrunner which they are going to support them, no doubt,

But for those, who are not an upcoming speedrunner or ex-speedrunner, then you are for the most part on your own.

Which does suck when you have the small guys who go from small to big streamers and it’s like, what about the small guys? But hey, fuck the small guys right when you can hang with the bigger guys.

I suppose it’s normal when you help small guys become one of the big guys, they will or may change for the worst but then when they have friends and fans/viewers who encourage this will make things worst.

I really do feel most streamers lose sight of their way when their goal is to aim for the top and I don’t mind, when people want to do well and that is fine, but don’t forget the mall people who were there and hell, did their best to support you when you was still growing.

4 So what happens after they get bigger

Well, let’s see what happens, they will have a fan base. They will have an ego, Helping out the smaller guys is not cool but helping out bigger guys is cool and has a bigger payout and you know, bigger streamer need to protect their “Image”

They can’t be seen talking to smaller streamer cause that’s is just bad to do unless the bigger streamer is friends with the smaller streamer.

As they get bigger, they tend to forget that you are their friend, things you have done for them or tried to support them or nice stuff for them and hell wishing them a Happy birthday, something small as that is just gone and forgotten..

But will they return the favorite?  Like hell they would, If you are lucky, at most they will host you and stay for about 2 to 3 mins, making the host pointless and at worse, they will lurk in your chat for 1 to 2 mins, Not even so much as a hi or hello.

I guess keeping up your “image” takes top priority over everything because you know, watching men and woman speedrun a game then blame said game like an idiot and yell at said game is so much better.

They love that you come watch them stream or speedrun, They are happy to get hosts or get people chatting during streams, getting raided by a small streamer or a big streamer. getting silly gifts or having people saying something as simple as “Happy Birthday” they love that as well.

So you would think, all of this said and done that they would do one of these things for their friends, you know, the small guys. I’m sorry “friends” but to answer, they will be glad to help out but It’s selectively on who they want to help out and favorites play a role.

You can be their “friend” as they call you and try to do your best for them but still get shit on because it’s a waste of time, it’s why I don’t even try to bother anymore cause, why waste my time trying to be “friends” with someone who doesn’t care to return the favor

Like I said, it’s fine when people want to grow and gain more out of twitch and find their place but don’t shit on the smaller guys cause you were in their shoes at one time and it does burn and hurt.

5 Twitch affiliate and oh boy

So, let’s see.. Twitch lower the requirements that is needed to earn Partnership which can grant a user a subscribe button where users can pay 4.99 to support a stream or pay a bit more to really support them

But to add to this, Twitch also added the “Twitch affiliate” program, where if you can also have 5 or 10 viewers per stream that you can join this program where you get bits which are with normally twitch partners, but they are part of this program.

Think of it as a half a sub button program. You can get bits but you are not a partner so that is a thing. Now this is not a problem but this is not going to help the egos of the big streamers who are not partnered

And I’m sure this will make things worse by giving the big streamers a bigger ego but greedy down the line, but I want to see how this will play out but who knows, things may still be the same

6 Hi there, White knights?

Oh hi, I am sure someone has posted this somewhere and made this seem like this rant was aimed at someone or “This post is mean and so rude :( It made me cry” or “This person made a rant aimed at me…” Or you were sent by your leader, no questions asked to yell “Why would you say such bad things about my streamer?!”

See, At the start, I said “But before I do start. THIS IS A RANT, I will talk about that later. Remember this as this will be relevant, later in the post.”

People tend to hate when others make rants about them and tend to confuse a Rant or vent for an attack on someone, which is sad. Give your opinion on someone, instead of talking it out with themselves, they will get someone else to do it which always backfires and makes things worse.

So I will make this clear as I can. This is not an attack on any streamer, but it is aimed for at a few streamers but you know. “WHY ARE YOU RANTING ABOUT MY FAVORITE STREAMER?!?!” Or something to that effect in caps. lol.

It’s funny when you have “Friends” who say, they will be by your side but then turn around to try to tell you what you can and can’t say. I love you guys but telling me what I can and can’t say is rude when I listen to you say shit I would say no to

They are friends but white knights but oh well, don’t get in my way and there will be no problems. But this is the internet.

7 What I learned at the end of this rant

I learned that most streamers when starting out are fun to be around but when they get a big ego and become a big streamer then you are kicked to the side like trash.

I learned not to trust every streamer I see as it can or will backfire

When a streamer calls you a friend, doesn’t mean you are a friend

Big streamers care about being at the top with other big streamers

If you are a friend to a small stream but they get big, you do get forgotten

Streamers of these days are manipulative at times, they will play dirty and will backstab people if they need to get by or get the chance to.

Small guys are fucked over. But some small streamer is not completed fucked over as there are teams they can join.

Do I feel like streamers owe me anything? no. They are not my friends, they are just Twitch personalities to me. Strangers.

My longest rant to date and this has been a rant I been wanting to do for a while now.

And I may be a small guy but at least if I know I get fucked over, which that has already happened, lol. I have great Best friends like Mastakirby, Hyper, Zomb1e Noob, Evan, Tigre and SBC and others. :P

I won’t be shocked if I get some dumb tweet from a White knight cause someone misread this post. lol. But that’s fine, my blog and I am free to say what I please.

I guess one more thing I can say is, Twitch is like an RPG, You gain followers and you get stronger and you can make friends but once someone is too strong then the weak are left behind and forgotten, till they are needed.

So thanks for reading~

Here is a cookie ‘ v’ ♦

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