Mini Server update + Opinion on the new Discord TOS

Ok this was going to be a mini update but…Due to Discord’s new TOS, this is going to be a “bigger” post update.  So boys and girls, let’s go.

So the channels that are getting the ax, due to being inactive will be listed below.


Pangya C

Inactive zone

No history



Game room (Voice channel)

srb2 (Voice channel)

General #2

My server link is in the side bar or you can click here to join if you want.

My thoughts on Discord new change (Rant and opinion)

So the reason, why the NSFW channel is being removed from my discord is due to Discord’s new TOS that they’re now enforcing on May 2nd, why? I don’t know but it is their services, no matter how dumb their TOS is..

So let’s see the new TOS from Discord that aims at uploads / posts

post, upload, transmit or otherwise disseminate information that is obscene, indecent, vulgar, pornographic, sexual or otherwise objectionable;

So you may say “Yeah, no more pictures or porn” And for the asexual users, that is fine but that can be applied to text and this is a huge gray area, “obscene, indecent, vulgar, otherwise objectionable”

Anyone could say that anything is objectionable or Vulgar or even indecent, so in a sense, Discord is turning into Safe space where you need to watch what you say, yeah, this is a no brainer but this feels like Tumblr and it’s easy to get removed from that site if you say the wrong things, which are dumb.

I get that you want to make a safe space but don’t fuck others over cause some people can’t handle having a safe space and I feel that really isn’t fair and yes, I  and others won’t die without NSFW channels but they do help me deal with boring people better.

But what really bugs me but confuses me is that in their new update,  they give users the power to mark channels “NSFW” to warn users that channel has adult posts/content but be able to keep the channel up but, the update for the NSFW age gate is later contradicted by the new TOS and guidelines, which make me ask why even add a feature in that is going to be worthless later?

The NSFW age gate should be a feature for nsfw pictures / nsfw gifs or nsfw videos but your TOS says no to that, so what is the point for the NSFW age gate? To keep minors and kids from seeing or hearing awful words that they can find via google or tumblr or their favorite let’s player or hear it in real life.

“Do not share images of gore and/or animal cruelty. Do not share or post graphic images for sadistic pleasure, glorification or celebration of violence. It’s gross and not welcome on Discord.

Sharing illustrated pornography which depicts minors (such as lolicon or shotacon). We believe it’s tasteless and doesn’t belong on Discord.

Do not share content that violates another person’s contractual, personal, intellectual property or other rights. Do not share or post links that violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). We respond to DMCA requests as described in our Terms of Service.

Not properly labeling NSFW channels. Some content just isn’t appropriate for kids under 18, so let’s do the right thing in our community. Discord requires that you label any channel containing adult content as NSFW. This will add an age gate to the channel, protecting those who wish not to see.”

I can understand the Animal or gore thing not allow and hey I can say the same with lolicon and shotacon but the last thing is a no brainer, don’t share content that is not yours.

Now we get to Labeling Channels NSFW, which is pointless if from what I seen of the rumors when the new TOS kick in on May 2nd, any servers that have NSFW with porn in it will be deleted or banned. Again, this is a rumor after all as I don’t remember seeing you could be banned.. Or maybe I overlooked something but still..

And if this is true then there was really one point to update the TOS and add a feature that will be worthless but, to alienate the NSFW Fanbase and make a safe space.. I am fine with a safe space as long no one else gets fucked over but that seems to be the case.

I know that some discord users don’t really care about the NSFW things but it does suck, to be honest. And with the report feature, any member or friend can be an asshole and report your server for lolz.

I get why they are doing this. Because discord had some users running around a month ago I think posting cp in servers and that was sick and awful to know that was going on, so I guess to battle this, they banned/reported the accounts to cops / fbi then updated the TOS to stop or get rid of anyone who breaks the rules..

But by doing so, you made a line in the sand but not just any line. It’s a gray line in the sand of what we can or can’t do or say and that is bad. If I say this? Will I be in hot water? I don’t know.

I am still optimist that things may be better down the line with discord. But like before, all this will take place on May 2nd and I guess we can only wait and see.

But I really don’t know.

Thanks for reading~

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