New thoughts on Pangya Celebrity.

So. Pangya Celebrity has their sub button and oh boy… OH BOY. Where to begin. I have said before things could happen or they may lose sight of their goal. Like I said before, Pangya Celebrity is running on a private server, so if you are new here, you can think of this as a fan project made with “love”

here is Pangya celebrity download

For my new viewers

Like with any fan projects that use Private servers to host games that got shut down, Money will be needed to keep said server or servers up and running. As an upcoming game dev, I can understand the need to have money to keep a project going and some extra money to pay bills…BUT There is earning money to keep a project up and running for all to enjoy and of course, there is being greedy bastards who want more money than needed. Which I feel this is the path they are on.

You can help pay for the server by 3 ways


Subscribing to their twitch stream

Giving them Twitch bits

I would say 4 ways but they don’t have a big viewer base. The other way would be to watch an ad on stream, assume you don’t have any adblocking add-ons when they play a add.

So, you might ask, “What is the problem?” So once they got the Sub button on twitch. things started to go downhill imo.

So the “Brains” Or lack of “GM_Leia” had the GREAT IDEA of raising the cost of cookies. Stupid name, again, If you are new, I will get you up to speed. Cookies are earned in the stream by watching Pangya Celebrity go live.

Cookies are earned for each min you stay in the stream. You earn 1 cookie, per min and that doesn’t sound so bad till what the rewards look like before

This is before they got the sub button. It is not that bad of rewards. I think it is fair.

Then we get to the point where they got a sub button.

Again. The “brains” or the leader of the pack is “GM_Leia” She felt that people are earning too many points from each stream. And I would be fine with this change if they stream longer which would justify the change,

Think of cookies as a way for people who want points but can’t donate or sub or give bits, Watching, the stream is the next best thing but what GM_leia is doing, kinda feels like she is just fucking over the small guys.

And I know or feel that GM_Donmyth just goes along whatever GM_Leia does is pretty damn sad. I get that Leia is your boss DonMyth but there is a point you need to ask yourself, is this right? is this fair?

A lack of communication is an another problem, any change big or small should be told. Tell us the reason why you are changing this or that instead of keeping us in the dark When we have to ask GM_DonMyth. You can argue that we can always ask, but if you change anything and don’t tell your players, that’s bad.

I know I was talking how they don’t stream long enough. So when they, you have to wait for them to set up the stream, play the intro/outro video then got to wait for 30 mins, more or less when talking to chat and then they do the event.

After the event, they will do a VIP where they make a room but end the stream there. I like to call this room, the “Pay to play” And this is where I really feel that DonMyth and Leia SHOULD NOT HAVE Partnership cause it’s not getting put to good use.

If anything it gives off the vibe that if you pay / Donate, then you might get more out of Pangya Celebrity which turns me off and I hate that where some fan projects turn from giving to the people to just taking.

But sadly that really does not matter one bit, for the fact that Leia and DonMyth have people who I am sure, have people who donate for VIP or have people who would be happy to sub to their channel in a heartbeat.

Those who sub to their channel will get bonus treats

If you ever plan to do a Pangya giveaway, you would have a better chance of being happy than winning a giveaway, but hey, try anyway. You may win but I doubt it. subscribers or non-subscribers. Your luck is the same either way.

By extra Luck, I would assume they would be more likely to pick you as a subscriber if, that is true and I feel like it is. That is unfair and pure Bull Shit, but they’re vague here about that, so I don’t know but we may never know.

The only thing I can say that could justify being a Pangya Celebrity Subscriber is the in-game Content, but even that is questionable at times because again, I don’t know the whole rules on Private servers and people using work around i.e (Donations and subscribers) to be members.

I find it iffy and shady. But oh well. As long as they have Donations, subscribers. They are going to keep doing what they are doing.

Funny, they were on the bottom but then people came in and helped the stream by watching and following and those donated really helped them out. Them being DonMyth and Leia.

But they are slowing fucking up.

Will they keep doing what they are doing?

Yes, So long as people donate or subscribe to their channel, Pangya Celebrity They don’t have a reason to stop.

Are they greedy?

Yes, I feel they lost sight of their goal. Money can corrupt anyone with a weak mind. Assuming Leia had one, to begin with. I just feel that or know when money gets added into a project, most of the time money becomes the main goal. And it’s sad.

These are opinions but oh well. My friends or My acquaintances will keep playing Pangya Celebrity and that is fine. They enjoy the game, more or less. But for me, this kinda puts the final nail in the coffin for me.

No matter who or what. When Money, fame, power, of any sort, gets added into the mix, it can ruin things or change things for the worse.

I like Pangya Celebrity, but I am not happy with the current Management as of late. If you read this post then I am sure you can see I am not fond of the changes.

I mean, I will still play Pangya Celebrity with friends or randoms or during a GM event but that’s it. I still have fun playing the game, somewhat.

I guess to leave this post with a quote

“You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

Thanks for reading~

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