New personal Discord channel update #3

It’s time for a new update that may make some people happy or no one is gonna care, let be honest. I mean unless there are rewards here lol then they will care.  I’m joking for the most part…

Ok this will be a much bigger update for discord server, channels will be added or removed, new roles will be added or removed, Channels and roles will be changed.

I hope you are ready cause it’s time for the role out and get ready for updates and changes…Big changes for this personal Server cause I’m ready.

As a heads up. I am removing some channels so if there is anything you want to do in them or save or whatever, the reason, you better do it now.

The Discord server join code is X6fUYxc

Link to my discord is

When the update will start          

Over the weekend or when I get time for it.

And The Personal Discord is getting a new Avi

And going from “The Sonikchan center” to “Sonikbase”

Discord Channels                            



Co-op-games will be removed

Shameless-plugs will also be removed


No history



Inactive-zone (Users with an inactive role)


Rule34 will be changed to NSFW




SRL-race-request will be removed



Podcast ideas will be removed

Heroes will be removed, In place of this will be Pangya C which may or may not stay.





Pangya C



If rooms are inactive for too long, they are going to be subject to being deleted.

Voice Channels                    

Heroes of the storm will be removed



???Hmm??? will be removed for now but will return later as dev room

Party room will be removed


General #1

general # 2

So the rooms that get removed, you won’t have to worry about them at all. And like always, I will show what each channel is for and such to give you a idea.

What each channel is for        


Anything related to Sonic Robo blast 2, SRB2 wads, lua, mods or plans for srb2 co-op or etc can go here.


Server updates are going to be done via wordpress

No history

No History, Self-explanatory really.


This channel will be used to update users on other things besides server updates and what not.


You have some good music? Video games? Anime OST? Theme songs or others?

Post away.


If you make art in any way, SFM, Pictures, drawings, etc, Post them here for others to see and be amazed by your skills


Think of this as a second viewer list

This list is made to remember what people like or don’t like

If someone requests that they don’t want to see a channel then they won’t see it again


This channel is here should a user become inactive after 2 weeks

This inactive status is given when the user doesn’t chat, join voice calls or post


For all of your best or worst moments on

Post clips you made that you think is funny

Share highlights of your stream or others


You got a video you want to share

You have an let’s play you try to get out there

You got another highlight you want to showoff

Or you found a Video you liked and want to share it

This is the place for that. :3


This channel is made to have the invite code or invite link ready at all times

Anyone may join. But If those joins turn out to be trouble, they may be removed.

Anime channel

Is here to talk about anime or anything anime related, anime games or even share your anime here. :3

If you have a anime you wanna talk about or debate about or more then post it in the channel

If it is hentai or ecchi, it can be added here as well.

Request channel

As you can see by the name. You can request anything.

Ask others if they want to play a game with you

Request to start a race

Request anything

Just know a request can be denied if no one wants to do.

GO live

Go live is a channel meant to let everyone know who is streaming on Beam, Twitch or Hitbox

If you mute the channel, The bot uses @everyone which counts as tagging your username which will show a notice. “1”

If you wish to be added to the box when you stream, let me know with your URL to your stream channel. You have until next Monday to let me know

Rules channel is self-explanatory

It will list the server’s rules and such.

This is where the main rules are at. the main server rules

Each channel has mini rules that still need to be followed but the server rules is the main rules to follow

Shitpost-and-memes channel

You may spam all the memes or dumb shit. Spam as much as you like but make sure the memes are in good taste. That’s all I will say.

Memes in bad taste will be deleted after a day

Memes and shitposting is fine but if it is just in bad taste, don’t bother posting

NSFW Channel

Here you may post as much lewds as you can find, furry, ecchi, etc. It is all fine. Just so long it is legal You may post any kind of picture you like. Anything lewd or NSFW must be kept in this channel only.

No scat / death / gore

No kink shaming, Just mute the channel or ask if you want to not see it anymore.

Chat channel

Chat is just a room where you can say hi, greet others, see what’s up.

This is the main chat room of the server.

Pangya C

Come and talk about Pangya Celebrity or offer a game of Pangya if you wish.

This is a friendly non-competitive Pangya, so keep it positive and fun


This is a waiting room where you will be held at till you get a role that will let you into the server. Users who are known for leaving the server after being let in will not be allowed in the new one. Instead, They will or may be denied access to the server.

The Door

So you want to leave the server because you don’t like the channels, Or you feel everyone is ignoring you or maybe you feel like you wasted your time joining the server or maybe you got another reason for wanting to leave the server. I respect your choice.

There is the door, you may leave at any time if you see fit and it’s simple to leave, no hassle.

Related image

Just remember that after you leave, the door will be closed and there will be no way to come back.

But chances are you don’t care or remember, there are tons of other servers to join on discord. lol :P

Roles that will be added on the server or changed or Removed           

@everyone role is enabled for Wait_room aka when you first join without an member role.

@members = almost all access to channels and voice channels

@rule34 = access to nsfw channel in the near future

@GameDevHelp will be given to active members, if you are inactive for too long then, you will not get that role

@Inactive be inactive for 2 weeks

@BetaTester for helping out with gamedev stuff

@Banned = Removes user to chat and use server voice calls, but can still read the chat with a big “banned” over them.

@Hide Lv 1 Hides some channels (They can no longer view them if they ask for this role)

@Kink-Shamer You get the title “Asshole of this server” So be sure you don’t get this role. It’s permanent.

This is it really but in the near future, there will be Rooms that will need roles to view/chat in. It will apply to some old channels and voice and it will be applied to new rooms and voice channels.

You can get gems in my stream which you can spend to buy roles in the near future

But that is all for this update I have planned, So I hope this update makes someone happy or something.

Thanks for reading~

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