Mini Server update + Opinion on the new Discord TOS

A small update to my discord channel + a opinion / rant on discord's new TOS


A side project (Sonic Hell) cancelled

Hello there. It is i, Sonikchan with a new project in the works. I want to talk about "Kaizo Sonic" A fan hack that is fun but hard. Well, the game has no name yet. So the Hack I am working on is mainly for 2 people HyperSonic7701 and MastaKirby as a way to say … Continue reading A side project (Sonic Hell) cancelled

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle LiveStream

Hello there. This will be a short post, So I wanted to update you guys. So today at 9 AM (EST) I will be doing A Livestream of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on my account. So on this stream, I will be starting a new file for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and I will try to … Continue reading Sonic Adventure 2 Battle LiveStream

New personal Discord channel update #3

New personal Discord channel update #3 | Hope you are ready.

Thoughts on Pangya celebrity big announcement

My thoughts on Pangya celebrity big announcement and opinions ' v'