Thoughts on speedrunners

Something I always want to talk about for a long time and it was about speedrunners that I wanted to talk about in detail, so let’s go and open this can of worms and see what will happen..

Speedrunners. For those who don’t know, speedrunners are people who play a game very fast. From start to end. As a speedrunner, this can give the person a new reason to play the same game over again. Think of it as giving new life to the game.

Speedrunning is a hobby at best and should you make speedrunning, a hobby, your job then more power to you but hey what you do with your life is on you.

Now Speedrunners, back in the day were more friendly and less toxic than now and not to say all speedrunners are toxic human beings but….

A good number of the bad outweighs the good and it’s not fair to group them all together but however, some runners do like be enablers for toxic runners at times if they are friends with them.

Let’s talk about the good that runners have done in this world. Runners have raised money for great causes over the years at Summer Games Done Quick (SGDQ) and Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ).

And they have sites up for speedrunning live or speedrunning games. And some runners do go out their way to help or teach other how to speedrun games or help new people get into the speedrunning scene which is nice.

That’s all I can think of.

You might be thinking

“Speedrunning Sounds fun to do and everyone does a lot of good. I want to join and be a speedrunner.”

So you want to Speedrun huh? Well, let me share what I saw and know of speedrunners and should you feel to go on the bandwagon of insane speedrunners, so be it.

Your view and opinions on old games and new games will change to a more Pessimist viewpoint. You would see games in the pessimist light and that would make you negative of most, if not all games.

You would or may not see a game as a game anymore, you would only see it as a game to speedrun and nothing more, most of the time to really be a new means to speedrun something new.

self-deprecating You can’t be a runner without feeling bad about your skills. Got a new PB? But it was not what you wanted. that’s garbo. Got a good run done and a new PB? Nice. Oh, not the PB you wanted? Garbo.

Taking breaks for runners? Nah. If you are not getting the run you want? Stop and take a break and try again later. There are runners who will keep trying to get a PB or WR and with runners when a run dies, their mood is damaged so, you would think they will stop?

Nope, they will keep trying and as they try, the run dies along with their mood and at this point. A human being would know when to stop but speedrunners keep going, trying to get that pb or WR while knowing it’s going to ruin their day, piss them off but they are stubborn and I would even dare say they borderline of being a masochist at times.

Being a runner is going to be you getting mad at the game and they can stop but they won’t cause runners get something from trying to PB or WR. It’s either trying to be better than someone or the only way a runner can be happy is if they get the pb they want.

So what will happen if you become a speedrunner?

You may / or will go through each stage of Speedrunner insanity over time.

(This is a list I made up :3 )

Stage 1: New runner

At this point, you know how to have fun and smile

You can do a speedrun and have fun

You could mess up a run but have fun in the end

Learning the way of speedrunning

You are still pure

Stage 2: Normal Runner

Now you learned how to speedrun

You want to help others and teach them how to speedrun

You see old games or new games as a potential speed game

Not getting a good pb is starting to be annoying for you

But having fun in runs is still the thing you enjoy having

You still know how to smile and have fun

Stage 3: Advanced

You have learned more advanced skills for speedrunning

you see games as speed games at this point

Getting anything but a new PB is no longer alright with you

Turning into a hardcore runner

Taking a Speedrun hobby into something serious

You forgot about fun and being happy

Stage 4: Toxic

Your view on speedrunning has given you a pessimist view

You take speedrunning too serious

Turning into an anal hardcore runner

Getting anything less than a new PB is trash to you

You see most, if not all games as speed games and your pessimist view on some games has ruined them for you, you won’t be able to look at some games, the same way again.

Fun, happiness, joy has been ripped out of you and these feelings come back when you get a new pb or wr but it’s a fleeting feeling, however.

Each run that dies will annoy you much more than they should, taking a break is out of the question for most runners.

You may be a Toxic runner or not.

This is why I got out of the Speedrunner scene, it is a slippery slope that once you go down on, you might not be able to stop

Now, not to say that all runners are bad. I know some speedrunners and are friends with some and they are good people but yeah.

Runners are not bad human beings but when they are bad, they’re bad

Just my thoughts on speedrunners, so take it with a grain of salt.

Thanks for reading~