Thoughts on Pangya Celebrity

Hello Sonik here with a new post or a follow-up post to So what is next for me? So, boys and girls, let’s start this thing.

I had no plans on making a post about Pangya but you might ask, what is Pangya? Is it some sort of an amazing MMORPG with action and blood and death and–

Golf. It’s just golf but with anime theme and anime characters.

Pangya? I thought that it had closed or shut down?

And to that I say, my friend..

Pangya Fresh Up is Fresh Down in the online grave bin. That game is DEAD, GONE, RIP

And you might ask, why are you talking about a dead game? See when an online game dies or gets shut down, the fans of said game will try to bring the game back from the dead for fans to enjoy.

We can’t let sleeping dogs lie. What are you, stupid? Nah. We bring that back fam, with magic.

Image result for fma alchemy

By the power of fans, Pangya Celebrity is up on what they call, Private Servers. Magic servers that say “YOU CAN’T STOP ME”

Now for Pangya Celebrity.

It’s your normal run of the mill, golf game with online RPG elements that adds a spin on things (LOL GET IT? PUNS ‘ v’)

You can level up your character or gear to make him or her better at golf.

If you like Anime

And Like anime ti— Like Anime girls

And love Golf but in anime.

Pangya should fit your needs and more.

Want to be a anime guy? Ok

Want to be a anime girl who wears almost nothing with a mustache? Ok

Want to be a slooty Anime Girl? Ok

You can do all this and more on Pangya Celebrity

But anywho, getting off track here. Let’s get going.

I want to clear up some things in my last post.

“There are games I don’t plan on playing on stream or ever for that matter

LOL, TESO, Kaizo, Pangya. I’m not in love with these games like others are, they see something in the game I don’t and that’s fine.”

While I have said I have no plans on playing these games like LOL, TESO, Kaizo, Pangya.

I guess I should be clear about this on Pangya.

> Seto Kaiba: “Because Sonik thinks Pangya is a silly game.”

Ahem. Mokuba. Words I thought I would never say…

I should send you to the shadow realm.

I think Pangya is a fine game for what it is. I played Pangya Fresh up when it was alive and I saw what the game had to offer me, it was not anything groundbreaking for me. It’s Animu Golf and It’s neat and all.

But Pangya is not my type of game, I never been a fan of sports games as they don’t suit my need or give me a reason to play them. And no, I don’t think Pangya is a silly game. It’s not my game of choice is all.

If you like Pangya then hey more power to you and fun, It is a fine game like I said but someone may comment “Is lost seaway the reason you don’t like Pangya?”

I would say no. But it doesn’t help it either. Now I know I may or have been harsh on Pangya or just easy to dismiss it but I will give Pangya Celebrity, one last college try and see what I think about it then.

A reason I stopped playing Pangya is and this will sound petty in the eyes of others is that Pangya can be both a fun Casual game to play with friends and other players or a competitive game where it’s serious.

But who or whom you play with can vary of what game you will get. You could get a very fun Casual game of Pangya or a very competitive game of Pangya.

The Casual side is where I enjoy playing Pangya more where you can have fun and be calm and have a good game or games and that is why I love the Casual side of Pangya.

And of course, we have the competitive side that turns me off from the game. I get that Pangya is meant to be competitive, go for the best score, get first place and upgrade your gear to help get closer to your goal, Aim for the best.

I could be wrong but that is what Pangya is meant to be but I’m not a Pangya player.

But look, I don’t mind a competitive game once in a while but for me, I feel the fun for the game dies at that point when the game gets competitive, there is less laughing,  and less fun if any is left and in a competitive game it’s easy to get hit with the competitive bug.

And competitive brings the worst out of people (No shit). I saw it but it’s not all bad but that can vary from person to person but god damn when it is bad, it’s BAD. I should know cause I was “competitive” and I did not like it.

Every mistake either annoys you or makes you sad, you forget to laugh or have fun at the small things or just end up forgetting to have fun or if the following above does not happen, the atmosphere that competitive brings for any game is not welcoming..

This is why I stopped playing it but I doubt people will see it the way I see it and that is completely fine. You have your opinions and I have mine.

I also stopped playing cause I was not having fun anymore and I didn’t want to ruin the fun for them so I stopped as there was no need for me to keep playing.

But this is all I had to say on this matter of Pangya.

So thanks for reading and I hope this clears up things and there are no misunderstanding here.


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