Thoughts on SXSW

So a few days ago. We all got to see the SXSW Stream on Twitch and youtube, which gave us more news about the new and upcoming Sonic games. “Sonic Mania” “Sonic Forces” While at the stream, we got new content to hold some of us over.

Let’s get to the point and up to speed.

My thoughts on the SXSW Stream, it was great for what it was. It may not be the best but it was good to understand what was going on and that’s all that really matters that you know what’s going on.

Sonic Mania                     

So my thoughts on Sonic Mania were still pretty good and I am even more hyped for the game.

Learned that Flying Battery Zone is coming back with a new makeover

Each Boss will have its own gimmick for each boss fight, which sounds really good.

Sonic Mania is going to be released in Summer 2017 instead of spring 2017. While this means the game will take longer than planned.

This will give them time to work on a new level, Make sure the game runs well, which I am all for.

I am pretty Hype for this.

Here is the link for video of Flying Battery Zone

Sonic Forces               

Where do I start?  Sonic 2017 now known as Sonic Forces has looked amazing from what has been shown to us.

We have the Sonic Forces Main theme, it’s great stuff

And we have gameplay of Sonic Forces, It’s looking to been close to Generations but the game is using a new engine called “Hedgehog engine 2” The gameplay video is 40 seconds but it gives us an idea.

To sum up things. Doctor Eggman has finally taken over the world or has his army in action and destroying everything in sight.


SXSW was great, we got new info and we are no longer in the dark. We will have Sonic Mania for the summer to hold everyone over till Sonic Forces come out and I can’t wait.

If you want  to catch up with the SXSW stream then go here

Thanks for reading~