How to use Twitter (A silly guide)

Hi and welcome to my guide on how to use twitter. The right way. LUL

Now you might be thinking? “Why did you make this post?”

Or “Why does anyone need a guide on how to use twitter?”

Well, you would be shocked. Most people don’t know how to use twitter all that well. Some know how to Favorite / like, Retweet, post/tweet. Doing the basic twitter things.

1. Learning the basics.

You are on twitter. You are following accounts and tweeting and retweeting or liking. I guess you think you are ready and you don’t need the guide anymore. Right?

Well, you are WRONG. The fun is starting

You know how to do the following

Like / favorite




unfollow / unblock

But you are missing some more features

Like muting, Turning off Notifications and retweets

2. Turning off Notifications and retweets

Uh oh, it seems the account you’re following, has started retweeting Adult related content and it’s showing up on your timeline. Oh, The Horror!

There is one way to stop this Retweet madness.

“Unfollow them”

No. The best way to do this is going to their page and Turn off their Retweets which means no more lewd or adult retweets for your boring timeline.

Pat yourself on the back. You did it. You are learning to use Twitter. Grandpa would be proud or disappointed.

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Now of course, if you didn’t turn off the retweets and just went ahead and unfollowed…

I’m not gonna judge you….Much but here the thing, what you do is fine but if you have tools then use them

“Unfollowing some cause they retweet to much stuff and adult content”

Then Turn their Retweets off and Notifications off to fix that problem

“They are liking too many posts and it’s annoying”

Then turn off their Notifications when given the chance.

“I shouldn’t have to turn off someone’s retweets and Notifications”

On Twitter, Some people like to have a reason to bitch/whine about anything and everything. They have the power to turn off Retweets and such but if they did that then there would be nothing to whine about and they would have no reason to unfollow other then “I just don’t want to follow you anymore”

3. Well Done

Now that you have learned that there are more options, I think you are READY to use Twitter. Or you could just ignore this and learn nothing. Hue.

You learned what to do if, there are too many Retweets in our Timeline

Now go, go make grandpa happy or annoy followers. IDK. Have fun.

This is sorta of a joke post.

Now go out there and make Twitter happy and fun or end up having people block you. c:

Thanks for reading~