Thoughts on speedrunners

Something I always want to talk about for a long time and it was about speedrunners that I wanted to talk about in detail, so let’s go and open this can of worms and see what will happen..

Speedrunners. For those who don’t know, speedrunners are people who play a game very fast. From start to end. As a speedrunner, this can give the person a new reason to play the same game over again. Think of it as giving new life to the game.

Speedrunning is a hobby at best and should you make speedrunning, a hobby, your job then more power to you but hey what you do with your life is on you.

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Why I dislike twitch fight streams

Hello again. Your one and only Sonik here with a new post.

So let’s talk about twitch streams that focus mainly on fighting games on And why I dislike them and no longer go to them.

So streamers that focus on online fighting games I dislike and here is why. When people stream those games they just become toxic or negative or the chat is toxic as hell.

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Thoughts on Pangya Celebrity

Hello Sonik here with a new post or a follow-up post to So what is next for me? So, boys and girls, let’s start this thing.

I had no plans on making a post about Pangya but you might ask, what is Pangya? Is it some sort of an amazing MMORPG with action and blood and death and–

Golf. It’s just golf but with anime theme and anime characters.

Pangya? I thought that it had closed or shut down?

And to that I say, my friend..

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What’s next for me? (2017)

So, a change in plans. I’m done with speedrunning, boys and girls, so, you may party now or something.

So as you know I made a list about speedrunning my last games and I followed the list and ran some games and followed it well but wanted to speed run other games cause I lost the need to

Sonic Spinball, is the game that snuff out my speedrun flame, but that’s fine. That’s it for the speedrunner in me. I don’t have any need to speedrun any more games and like a fad, it comes and goes and others will still speedrun but I did my part.

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Thoughts on Sonic Speed 2017

Been wanting to do this for a while. Hello, boys and girls. Sonik the guy here.

Related image

So for those who live under a rock and don’t know what Sonic Speed is…BLESS

Disclaimer: This is my thoughts. I know some one will see this and get all mad or leave a petty reply. Just my thoughts what I think the future Sonic Speed are will be like but anything can change.

MY THOUGHTS                   

Lol, joking, Sonic Speed is a normal marathon of Sonic games that each streamer must run the game, meet the goal and have proof if they don’t stream or if the stream dies.

Sonic Speed is a marathon/event where you compete to be the “best” And better than your rival. Your rival wants to play for fun? GOT TO SHOW THEM UP.

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Thoughts on SXSW

So a few days ago. We all got to see the SXSW Stream on Twitch and youtube, which gave us more news about the new and upcoming Sonic games. “Sonic Mania” “Sonic Forces” While at the stream, we got new content to hold some of us over.

Let’s get to the point and up to speed.

My thoughts on the SXSW Stream, it was great for what it was. It may not be the best but it was good to understand what was going on and that’s all that really matters that you know what’s going on.

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How to use Twitter (A silly guide)

Hi and welcome to my guide on how to use twitter. The right way. LUL

Now you might be thinking? “Why did you make this post?”

Or “Why does anyone need a guide on how to use twitter?”

Well, you would be shocked. Most people don’t know how to use twitter all that well. Some know how to Favorite / like, Retweet, post/tweet. Doing the basic twitter things.

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Second Discord Channel update

Hello there. Sonik here with a new big update, and going over some things as well as talking about new things. Clearing things up and talking about new in better detail, I hope.


New Things to come to the server is new channels, New things, new VC (Voice channels for talking in with a mic) and new everything.

Most of these ideas will be taken from others but I will put a spin on these silly things or just add something close to my server.

The Discord server join code is X6fUYxc

Link to my discord is

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