An update status for Sonic Robo Blast 2

Hello there. It is I Sonikchan back with a new update with a new Topic

SRB2 will be today’s topic and what is gonna happen.

So, for what is gonna happen to me hosting SRB2 is this. It is going to be not often when I host of SRB2, meaning there won’t be anymore SRB2 online streams till I get a good number of users or players to join the fun.

I mean, this shouldn’t stop me from streaming SRB2 online but the SRB2 online play is kinda slow, If the other person doesn’t have the same files as you, they are unable to play / join your server.

And sometimes, there will be users on srb2 looking for rooms who will have a very awful ping that can ruin the fun for others and if that happens then I can just kick them out or ban them.

But I feel there really no point for me to host a srb2 game online if people can’t get in or don’t join then, it’s going to be a waste of time and playing SRB2 online with 2 or 3 users is well not all that fun after a while and it can be awkward. It’s really meant for 6 players or 15 players.

This is just an update for what gonna happen with me hosting SRB2 online. So if I host a game online then it is going to be not very often but that will happen when I have more than 3 players.

I will still do SRB2 streams like SRB2 speedruns till I’m done with that. But again for srb2 online won’t happen till I get a good amount of users to join or I plan to do a 3 player co-op if it is for a stream.

Sorry that is is a short post but just wanted to update about this topic and how I feel about it.

Thanks for reading~