Facebook status update

Sonik here with a new post and this is related to good old social media

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So you may notice I am rarely active on Facebook these days and it’s simply I lost interest in Facebook, but I was never really into Facebook, to be honest. You like facebook? Good for you and more power to you.

This applies to the few friends that notice me on Facebook cause everyone else can just ignore this or not, up to you really.

So what will happen to my facebook? Will it rot away and be forgotten?

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Nope. It will still be there or till I delete it anyway or it goes inactive then Facebook deletes my account.

But what is going to happen is the following below.

I am not going to be on facebook at all, simple as that or rather, A very long break from Facebook. I don’t have a reason to go on facebook. Not my kind of thing really, but I will get on if the following happens below.

I get a mention in a post or get mentioned at all. I will come on to reply or like or talk. Anything related to the drama is ignored.

If I get Game invites or related to facebook games, I will log on to see the game notice or “Your friend sent this”thing then log off.

I will log on to check up on my facebook fan page to see what’s up or update my fan page

So while on this Temporary or permanent break from Facebook, I will be on twitter for now on. You may send me a tweet or mention me. You can send a DM but just know I may assume it is a bot DM and not answer.

But yeah. That’s it really. Not much to say but hey. Should you want to keep up with me, you can follow my blog or Twitter or whatever :P

Thanks for reading and see you later Facebook~

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