Twitter rant



So Something that has always annoyed me is when people on love to do is be annoying cunts and what I mean is people who unfollow after they follow and people think it is fine.

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I’m sure you are saying “OMFG, HE HAS ANOTHER OPINION!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Well, the 1 % said that. :P

But it’s fine to unfollow someone if you want.

If you get into a fight with someone and that said someone hates you then unfollow them.

But the ONE THING I hate is when users follow someone then unfollow RIGHT AFTER FOLLOWING, Like really? Look, if you don’t want to follow then don’t follow. It’s simple as that really.

But no, people feel the need to follow someone to unfollow to see what the users retweets or tweets and that is really annoying

And I feel like the people who do this will be listed below.

  1. They see #NSFW tag on twitter account and first thing that goes through their mind is “Oh, they’re a porn account” (If they do think like that, then that is pretty sad)
  2. They wanted to follow to see what they tweeted but then unfollowed when they saw (It’s a dumb reason to follow in the first place, you can see what they tweet without following)
  3. They live in a bubble of sorts, Anything suggestive, sexually suggestive, lewd, NSFW is like their nope button (And hey, Twitter gave everyone, the power to mute or to turn off retweets if they are not your thing. But you know, they live in a bubble, so that is too much work and all accounts should be “safe for work” Or they feel they don’t have to do anything except follow)

Again, I would be happy if you didn’t be that cunt who followed to unfollow, I only get a negative outlook on these people who do this shit and it’s not cool in any way.

And the funny thing is I was warming up to them and starting to gain respect. And I don’t expect to get a follow in return cause I would be FINE with that. But I’m wasting my time cause if they see this, they will think of one thing. “Oh, he must be a hater, sad that he is”

But that is far from it. I’m not a hater, just let down is all. Am I a hater?

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Or you know, since they have E-fame of some kind in either Twitter followers or followers. They’re not going to care that they unfollowed me or they REALLY won’t care that I see them in a negative light.

If anything, they will laugh or be like who? But I suppose it’s a lesson for me to know that just cause someone has a nice following or e-fame or is a nice person, may not be nice to everyone or will be a cunt to others

Maybe in the future, Pippils and Kirbymastah and others will learn to read Twitter bios of NSFW accounts and maybe read my bio before following me. That will never happen. LOL

I mean, Reading a twitter profile bio CAN’T BE HARD. Hell, even my bio says in all caps to turn off retweets

But that would take time, And time is work for these people and these are people, I don’t hate but just no longer respect is all.

And I been waiting to say this cause, I am sick of users who have a high follower count or a low follower count, coming to my page to follow me cause I did a run on or I followed them to only for them to unfollow me cause “Oh, an NSFW account”

Should I meet another user like that, who will follow to unfollow, I will be sure to leave a nice block for them. Again, they won’t care either way if I no longer have respect for them or block them.

In some weird way, this was eye opening for me and been waiting to rant about this anyway.

For a future Reference, If you are not going to follow then DON’T BE THAT PERSON who follows just to unfollow as it is annoying.

Thanks for reading this rant