My Discord Server Updates

Sonik here from the depths of anime and retweeting lewds and funny things

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So I want to make a new post but an update for my discord server to show what will be added or changed.

Things coming to the Discord server of mine. Will be listed below in detail for everyone and should be clear.

1 is new channels or current channels for the server








General which will be named to chat


Game dev (Later in the future)

2 What are the rules for them and will I be able to join?

Anime channel

Is here to talk about anime or anything anime related, anime games or even share your anime here. :3

Request channel

Is for requesting races on twitch, Requesting a new channel or just requesting for anything with other members. Or request to have a role.

Opinions Channel

Think of it as the trash can for shit opinions that no one will see. ‘ v’ All opinions and pessimistic opinions go here and keep them here, please. lol.

Rules channel is self-explanatory

It will list the server’s rules and such.

spam-and-memes channel

You may spam all the memes or dumb shit. Spam as much as you like but make sure the memes are in good taste. That’s all I will say.

Lewds Channel

Here you may post as much lewds as you can find, furry, ecchi, etc. It is all fine. Just so long it is legal You may post any kind of picture you like. Anything lewd must be kept in this channel only.

Gaming channel

Talk about gaming in any form and such. Just have at it.

Chat is just a room where you can say hi, greet others, see what’s up.


This is a waiting room where you will be held at till you get a role that will let you into the server. Users who are known for leaving the server after being let in will not be allowed in the new one. Instead, They will be denied access to the server or an IP ban will keep them away.

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3 Roles and voice channels

Roles that will be added on the server or changed              

@everyone role will be disabled soon on Feb 1st

@members = almost all access to channels and voice channels

@lewd = access to lewd channel

@anime = Access to Anime Channel

@Banned = Removes user to chat and use server voice calls, but can still read the chat with a big “banned” over them.

Voice channels that will be added                

General call

Stream call

Game room

Party room

Friends call

4 When this will take effect? And link to the server

The update I have in mind will take effect on Feb 2nd at any time if I don’t forget of course.

The link to the discord is in my Twitter Bio, my twitter pinned tweet, my Twitch bot by using “!discord” command, but I will post the link below.

My Discord (archived)

Anyone may join my server if they wish.

Thanks for reading.


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