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More of a serious Topic/rant and something that has been REALLY bugging me and I will say this. This is a rant and I want to say how I feel about some streamers but I’m gonna be vague, though.

A lot of streamers I watch seem to lose their way or let their ego go unchecked and that becomes a problem and it is an annoying problem.

Look I have no problem when people want to be famous or they want to be “cool” or whatever. but I do have a problem with it when it turns to an issue.

If someone has a question like “So.. What is the problem here?”

As you all know streamers and people when they get on social media, this can vary. They are friendly and will respond to everyone indirectly or be a asshole.

Again like I said. When people join, mostly, they are new and will most likely be friendly and will want to talk to you indirectly or directly or they are cunts about it. 50 / 50 Really.

When people hit 800 to 1000 follower milestone on any social media,  things go downhill or start to go downhill which is the latter most of the time.

Then next to follow suit is them not being as easy to talk to. Almost like you are not there sometimes and it can be rather annoying.

Now let’s add in the ego, shall we? The ego and fame come into play when said person goes to events and gets “World Record” in games and again it fine, so long as you don’t treat others different.

So when you add.

1000 + or 2000+ followers milestone

An ego that is left unchecked

And some fame in the spotlight

A less friendly user and more closed off user

And on a team as well?

You got a twitch monster but what kind is there?

I kinda want to rip on streamers anyway.

There is the streamer type I dislike

1 They are too cool to respond to normal people

They act cool but they will be willing to talk to you

2 They feel like they will look bad if, they are not talking to a bigger streamer or speedrunner or talking to anyone in their circle.

Let me go into more detail. This is an opinion but oh well.

It seems the streamers with a big ego want to keep an image of being cool when they joined a team so, I’m assuming only knowing people who do things for them is a way to keep that image.

Speedrunners and big streamers like to have this Idea image of them being this guy who gets world records, speedrun as a very cool and well-known person

And that’s fine but don’t be those guys who think they are better in some way, you come off as an asshole, to be honest.

3 They are glad when people do things for them

  1. When you buy them games or means to buy games
  2. Make them channel emotions
  3. Come to their stream and watch them play a game you MAY not care for
  4. Hosting them when they are live
  5. Donating money or other things
  6. Wishing them a happy birthday
  7. Making them anything in general

And they tell you, thank you and such and that is nice and all but when you want something in return. You get nothing at all.

I guess I shouldn’t say nothing. Disappointment is something.

The best gift you can get is Disappointment.

4 Playing favorites in chat is the worst thing that these type of streamers.

Streamers do have favorite mods and viewers and that is fine. But some streamers have let others, know that they’re the favorites and like I said before, I have no problem with streamers playing favorites in their chat. But IF you do it in the way where it’s clear.

Or to sum it up in a better way. Giving favorite mods and viewers Special treatment and some people will feel annoyed cause, you are having a better time with the favorites than with the viewers and this can make the viewers feel unwanted or just up and leave.

I’m not going to name the streamers who fall into this trap.

Hey, if you enjoy doing nice stuff for streamers than more power to you and that is fine

I stopped doing things for some streamers as it was a waste of time and effort for me.

I will say this right now. I no longer have the will to support these streamers until things change.

What’s funny is that I always wanted to be there for them if, they let the fame and ego start to change them for the worst.

But I am done. No point of trying, but hey, they are doing fine I suppose. They didn’t fuck up and doing ok.

One extra nail would be, that these streamers are not my friends, just associates at that point. I do have streamers who are my friends but that’s for a different post, maybe.

I mean, you can say we are friends but we don’t really talk outside of Twitch, so “Friend” is a loose term

And we have the streamer type

Who likes to ask and beg for things

And they like to be your “friend” to see what they can get from you.

Normally this can go two ways.

1 If they can’t get anything from you then they will backstab you and ditch you and just act like nothing happened. One user is good for doing that shit but I ain’t going to get into that.

2 They can end up being your “friend” and it can be either good or bad. well, being the friend that likes to take but never give.

These streamers tend to burn a few bridges and It won’t help them in the long run

I guess in a way by ranting about streamers indirectly, I know how to avoid letting my ego get out of control and know how to not be a streamer who is a piece of shit to some users

I do try my best to give back to those who give me things

I don’t play favorites and while there are streamers I Dislike o how they changed for the worst, I will notice you in my chat room

Hell, I am not perfect but I do work on it. I may not be the best at times with streaming and social media but again, I work on it and I’m getting better with it.

Talking to more users and being more active

But this is all thanks to my great friends and the better streamers and me wanting to not be a fame whore.

Even on the twitters, I am being more active and talking to people I never talk to. I have stopped ignoring them and so far, it is fun to be social and not Anti-social.

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But that ends my rant on streamers. They used to be great before they got a big head and changed for the worst, IMHO(In my honest opinion)

I used to support them, wanted to be there for them and hell, I respected them at a point in time but I can’t anymore. It’s all about being edgy and cool.

If the streamers I watch, change in the future, I will be more than glad to support them and watch again but I will see what the future holds.

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ToraDora Taiga Aisaka

And before I see “LOL, because you stop watching them, you are not going to have an effect on these streamers.”

And I would, I don’t care. It will be like I’m there. Not there. When I watch these streamers, it’s like I was not there to them, So, me being there or not really doesn’t matter in any way, shape, or form.

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Simple. I don’t like how things are going on channel. I just don’t watch.

But this is here my Long Twitch TV rant comes to an end. This has been on my chest for months and I been wanting to say something about this.

So, till next time. You will see another post. Not sure when, though.


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