New streams, and updates

Hello there. Sonikmage here with a new post about streaming.

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1. stuff

This will be a huge update or at the very least, A nice update and change of pace and how things will be handled.

First off, I want to say that I won’t be quitting streaming for a long while. Yes I may take long breaks every now and then and the breaks may be long or short but I have no plans on quitting streaming but if the future changes that, so be it.

So starting next week maybe, a week of streaming to see how well this will go, Think of it as a test. One game per day, think of it like a mini series of things to come.

To Give you an idea, Below here will be a short list of how this will be done

title is a placeholder by the way.

Sunday: normal game

Monday: speedrun a game

Tuesday: 2nd Normal game

Wednesday: Fan games or rom hacks

Thursday: 3rd game

Friday: 2nd Speedrun game

Saturday: An online multiplayer game or MMORPG + Song requests

And during the streams, you can ask questions. (LOL no one does that.)

This should be a good layout for you and give you a good idea of what I mean. and if this works out then this will be the new way my stream will be setup from now on.

So hopefully things will work out and this will be a fun idea but I will see how things pan out first.

2. Updates on a few things

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1 You may notice that @Sonikmage on twitter is gone. There is a link to the post for details and more.

2 If you were in my discord but find that you were kicked out from it.You can read here about why that has happened and you are free to rejoin the new server.

3 Podcasts with me and deadkev19 are now dead, for a number of reasons

  1. Kev is busy doing his own thing
  2. There is not enough time for podcasts anymore
  3. I feel the magic between podcasts has been lost

I mean, if things change then I won’t mind doing podcasts again but it is dead.

3. I want to say this again

To those in the Sonic community that I am no longer friends with, Even though we are no longer friends in any way. You have not been banned in my chat, you are welcomed in chat those who I’m not friends with. (They know who they are, No need to name them.)

I am willing to make up with them but they ain’t gonna see it. But hey, I said sorry and man it so I don’t need to worry anymore.

3.1 A unknown future for my twitch friends

And I guess I should say this to my Twitch followers and friends, If 2016 showed me anything, it is that friends I made on, don’t last long and realized I no longer want to be friends with them or I meet those you do things for to get stabbed in the back.

You might be thinking “Why to add this here?” And I will tell you. IF (SEE THAT IF? GOOD) 2017 ends up like 2016, it’s safe to say we might be parting ways or ending friendships and should it come to that, I want to say it was fun knowing you more than “just some streamer”

But this is a BIG IF that happens, I want to leave this here as a way to say “No hard feelings”

So if we do end up no longer being friends or associates, hope for a good future but if not, oh well.

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But yeah, A lot of stuff and updates and seeing most of my followers don’t use twitter as of much or not at all, bookmark my blog to keep up to date or follow my twitch channel.

Keep in mind that my twitch channel WILL NOT BE ACTIVE AS MY TWITTER OR BLOG

But I guess that is all I wanted to say, I will see you later.

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I know that one person is gonna be like “BRUH, WHY THIS YOU MAKE THIS POST?” And I say  nothing to that.

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