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Hello there. A new kind of post.  Something more helpful I been wanting to do for a long while now.

Also. Sonik the streamer here

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So we all know that servers are shitty but I will come back to this in a bit. Anywho. is a streaming service where others can livestream to people around the world and that is fun.

Before I begin, Here are the tools or things, you’ll need to stream or get on your way.

  1. A account
  2. A good ISP (Internet service provider)
  3. xsplit gamecaster or xsplit broadcaster
  4. Open Broadcaster Software
  5. (To see if Twitch is ok at the moment)

There is other software for streaming you can try but I listed the Software I used. So what I say might be used for other software but who knows. If you want to see other software for streaming, you can go here for other stream tools.

But if you are completely new to any of this. Use Xsplit Broadcaster then work your way up to other software.

1. Find your bitrate and safe zone

So now you have a Twitch account, You are ready to stream now and show the world your skills, right? No. Not yet, you need to find out what bitrate will be best to use or safe to use for streaming.

You can use speed test to an idea of how much bitrate you have for streaming.

Bitrate is your upload speed and that will be used for streaming to

Now keep in mind. The following will effect your upload below.

Playing online ( Ps3, 360, xboxone, ps4, WiiU, Switch, Steam, webMMORPGS)

calling friends on skype / discord

hosting games or rooms while streaming

High Video Bitrate ( 3500 – 4000 – 10000)

High Audio Bitrate (128 – 320)

Screen Resolution (1280 x 720) Or higher

Uploading files while streaming

So if you are using Xsplit or OBS for, here are some settings to try out.

Video Bitrate ( 1000) DO NOT USE THE FOLLOWING BITRATES: 4000 or 10000

Audio Bitrate 96 or 48 (Don’t use 32 bitrate for audio)

Screen resolution

480p is 640×480

or 360p is 480×360 Screen resolution

Perset is based off of how good your pc is, if you don’t know how go your pc is when streaming then use Very fast or super fast

will affect your upload speed which will effect your livestream unless you have great upload speed then this won’t be an issue.

Now to go to your safe zone, In Xspilt,  here is what the settings look like

You want mode to be on “CBR” (Constant bitrate) and for the bitrate (KBPS), play around with it.

Try 500 or 800 and see if that works.

But you want to stay in the range ( 400-500 – 1000 – 1500 – 2000 – 2500 – 3000 – 3500)

As a heads up, Video bitrate and Audio Bitrate and resolution you stream in will add up, so do try to remember that.

And remember, If a bitrate is too high then some users may not be able to view your stream and this can drive away viewers away if they can’t watch or your stream only buffers.

2. Dropping frames

So when streaming, you will get a popup or see that you are dropping frames.

So what are dropped frames?

Dropped frames are a result of a number of things but I will list them.

  1. A hiccup in WIFI connection
  2. A hiccup in the Twitch servers
  3. Your ISP may be down
  4. A hiccup with a wired connection.

Dropping frames can cause your stream to buffer or not load in most cases.

If dropping frames continue, your stream will drop or buffer, sometimes skip frames to catch up or stop on the spot.

3. The do’s and Don’t’s

Now this is something we all do and it is never good to do. BUT this is all opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.

Do: Stream while in a good mood. You are more likely to bring in users who know you are happy but this can vary. But streaming when you are happy normally has good results.

Don’t: Stream while feeling angry or negative. Your chat can sometimes read your messages or read the tone of your voice and can tell if you are happy or negative.

Being a pessimist will not help you or it might help but note it could bring in the wrong type of viewers or get rid of old viewers but this is not fact but being A Negative person about anything does not look nice.

Do: Be active with chat and make mods and viewers and make everyone feel welcome and try to remember they are there.

Don’t: Play FAVORITES with chat and respond only or only talk to people you favorite cause it is not a good look and people do catch on and know when they are being ignored.

And I know a few people who do this shit. They know who they are, It’s the reason I stop going to their streams cause being ignored in favor for someone is REALLY annoying

Do: Have fun streaming, Enjoy talking to viewers and enjoy the game and only worry about the stream when you drop frames or worry about the audio or sound is the ONLY time you should worry about the stream.

Don’t: If your only worry about views or how many people are watching or leaving, it makes you look bad and seem like you ONLY care for views and nothing else. WHICH is a bad look and you don’t want that.

Don’t: Blame everything on Twitch. Don’t be the streamer who does that. Don’t be that person.

Do: Try to stream during the day or stream when your viewers are awake.

Do: Try to stream a lot, get active, make a schedule for when you go live

Don’t?: Overstream. If you stream too much, your followers may unfollow because they don’t know how to use Social media at all.

4. Well done

You learned what you needed to use to stream. Now knowing what to do and not to do. You can become a streamer and be more likable.

This is a guide of sorts to help out new people who want to stream cause people of this generation feel it’s un-cool to help others out unless they can get something from it.

There are people and streamers who are kind enough to offer help in any form or would try to help.


I wanted to make this post cause I know how it is when you are new to “streaming” And you ask around for help and just get vague answers from others or just don’t get any help at all.

I want to be able to help new streamers in some way or how to get ready for it.

If you are a streamer and have any tips, comment below and I will be sure to add them here. ^^

I will update this post later in the future but um yeah.

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Thanks for reading~