Shutting my down Twitter account @SonikMage

Hello again. Sonik here with a new post here.

As the title says. I’m shutting down my Twitter @sonikmage As I don’t use it and it has become a problem to manage that account while having it up with other accounts.

And it’s well annoying when I need to get on my other account ( @Sonikmage) to tweet out when I stream and I must say. It was fun.. But I grow tired of managing so many accounts.

And I guess I should list my reasons.
1 I no longer want to manage this account and I just want to have one main account for this. If you will. A all in one type of deal where I do what I want from one account. NYA~

2 I made @sonikmage cause I wanted to keep trolls, white knights, Untrustworthy people or cancerous users from following my main account.

3 I just want to get rid of the account I suppose and I want to leave @Sonikmage behind. He was a mage but his time has passed.

And that is it. Why I am deleting my twitter @sonikmage. Thanks for following me.

I’m still on, so you can still follow me there.

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If for whatever you want to follow me on my main, you can but do know this

I ask you to respect my friends and my GF and we will be cool.

@Chaosimpact_ My main account. Below is the following

  1. Lewd and NSFW 50 % of the time
  2. Random stuff
  3. I will not follow back If I know you well. But everyone does that.

I can just deal with the bad users, myself. :3

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Thank you for reading. You get a cookie.