Future updates

I hope you all had a good New year everyone. And hope things are well and fine.

I am back with an update of things to come up in the future.

1 streams

So, let’s talk about live streams. It’s a new year and time to start fresh.

Livestreams on Twitch.tv will happen,  just not every day yet. But in due time, this will happen, of course.

When I do a live stream, here’s what you can expect to see during streams.


One off’s (play once and never play again)

Co-op streams

MMO streams

Rants during live streams


All of this and more will happen when I get my stream overlay and stream panels for twitch.tv remade and fixed for the better.

I do plan to stream to the following sites below:

Livestream (Mainly for trace art streams)



Should anything change, you will know.

Most of my time will be spent learning game dev stuff.

That means less time for streams.

A status update on mods

I have need for 4 to 6 mods

I only need 1 editor or none

And if a mod is inactive for 30 days, you are removed.

2 Speedruns

As I said before, speedruns will be done if it is for the reasons below:



Doing a run of a game I like.

Same like above, should anything change; you will know.

Runs I won’t do ( Cause I’m not masochist and I don’t hate myself enough)

Sonic Spinball (8bit)

Sonic Spinball

Sonic Heroes

Dark souls

Shadow The Hedgehog

Sonic 06 (Fan base is awful)

Anything related to yu-gi-oh

Sonic Adventure DX

If I change my mind then this will be changed or removed.

Runs I will / may do:

Sonic 3 and knuckles

Sonic 2

Sonic 2 secret rings

Sonic boom (Rom hack)

SRB2 (Tails)

Freedom planet

10 Second Ninja

Sonic advance 3

The list goes on and this will be its own page.

3 Twitter @sonikmage

As you know, I have a Twitter named @Sonikmage and it was used to tweet out whenever I went live on Twitch.tv.

And It was also made to keep some people from following my main on twitter but this has been hard to manage the twitters so it won’t go inactive.

If I stream, I will tweet from my main account and @Sonikmage will be there to share when a new video is uploaded to youtube or twitch.

But other than that. It’s an inactive account for letting you know about a new video.

Image result for anime well

4 Discord stuff

I have made the new discord or made the move to go from Private to Public with one rule that you are active

If you are not active in any way, You won’t be allowed in.

Link to discord: https://discord.gg/X6fUYxc

Come and join and let’s keep the dream alive.

I have no plans to bring back inactive users.

Not going to worry if people are inactive, as long as they talk. It will be ok.

Just like my inactive mods.

All I want is active users but that is a pipe dream. Oh well.

Image result for anime well

Everyone is free to join. Almost everyone


Going to piss some people off but my members of my old server were inactive and useless.

And I know someone is gonna say

“I was not inactive. I always log online. I don’t see how I was inactive at all”

My dear cunt. If you log on but say nothing, do nothing, Can’t even say hi or chat with others. You MAY AS WELL have been inactive

And I been the same way in other discord servers and this is a rant, so don’t take it to heart but someone will.

I know who will be active and who won’t be inactive, so this is why I will pick those who will be active and don’t be mad. Not like you wanted to be there anyway.

But someone is gonna be mad but hey. That’s fine.

Image result for anime lol


5 cutting ties with people

I have made up my mind. I’m cutting ties with people I know. Can’t say who. That will ruin the surprise for sure and that will be no fun.  That’s all for now.

And hey. I’m giving you a heads up on the topic at hand. This way, it won’t seem like it just came out of the blue for no reason.

The end

Now that you have a idea of what the future holds for me and you.

And hey, If you have an issue, you can just @ my twitter (Unless you’re blocked then you’re out of luck)

But I know you won’t and that’s ok.

Here is a gif

Image result for kawaii chibi

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