A new discord server

Hello viewers, Sonik the duel slayer

So as you know, the discord server was a bust. While it has members, it was a failure as no one is really active. So where does this leave the server? I said I had no plans on closing it down but I don’t want to keep up a Barely Active server anymore.

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It has worn out it’s welcome and for those who like the server (LOL no one did but it’s fine)

To say this. If the server was not an active failure and it was more active then this wouldn’t be a thing but it is. And I am sorry.

Most users are inactive and not even gonna see this post which is fine.

So with a heavy heart, The Discord server will be shutting down on Jan 1st, 2017 | Jan 11th, 2017. While It is shutting down, everyone role will be back on and every other role will be defunct on 31st.

So free to chat or not, up to you.

Now to bring up the new server. This server shall and will be private till I feel that going from private to public but till then this will remain unknown.

So don’t take this to heart or the wrong way.

As I have already said, The discord I made was a failure (for me) cause sadly nothing on the server gets used as late, it’s pretty dead.

So to join the private server for friends only and I will pick those who are most active on the dead server or good friends.

I guess to sum it up. I will add those who like to talk and will be active and those who are close or best friends.

And again, don’t take it to heart. I have to say this cause this is 2016, the year to take things the wrong way or getting triggered in some way.

So the server will have some of closest friends there.

And I want to say this. If you are like those people who sit there and expect me to know if you want to join or not. Don’t BE that person. Closed mouths don’t get fed

And I know someone will think this. “Well, Why don’t you bring your friends to the old server? There would be no point of making a new server”

  1. I don’t want to, for the fact that no one talks or says a thing which gives me the “Why bother talking here”
  2. I want to bring people who will be active and who don’t like to be assholes or just being annoying
  3. The server had reached its peak in being active a few months ago and after that, it went downhill to what you see now. And I felt it was time to move on.

You are free to have your own opinion on how I do stuff and that’s fine but I feel this is something I had ready in case.

Granted, This can come off as mean but I want to give my side of it and update things somewhat.

And now that all of this has been said and done.

I do have plans in the future to add users who will be active that is gonna be a long time

But other than that. If you want to join, just ask me on discord or Twitter and I may or may not let you join.

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I now wait for the comments and mean looks which I may get (LOL nah)


None giving a fuck cause they don’t really care (Which could be good)

But umm. Thanks for reading dear viewers.

1 Like and you might get mars

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Bye. :P

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