sonikmage twitch updates

So I have talked about my channel getting an update, well you are right on my other site, I have talked about this. “Sonikmage twitch updates”

But I want to go into full detail with this and what is going to change and what’s going to remain the same.

Look forward to more games and let’s plays of old and new and modern games

Let’s plays of games. Playing through games with friends or getting 100 % or just beating the game on stream for others to see.

Doing streams with friends and not with associates cause there is no point there anymore.

New panels for rules and anything else

New stream overlay for live streams

New FFZ emotes and rules.

While on the note of FFZ emotes, I have no plans to make FFZ emotes for any streamers unless I know them well and they are close friends

Mods or chat mods or moderators is another topic I want to talk about in full detail.

As you know that Twitch has released “Automod” and there are already tons of chat bots like moobot and night bot to manage chat and while it is nice to have Moderators and all, When they really don’t show up or just stop showing up.

I have to draw the line I’m afraid. I know mods can’t come everyday to the stream and yeah, the same can be said of me but I have my reasons or reason, I don’t go to most streamers anymore just because reasons and leave it at that.

BUT so to any moderators on my twitch. Tv channel. It has been fun when we used to chat but as we move forward, we will be distant from others. Oh well.

And another point is that, no point of having inactive mods.

So mods that are no longer needed will be removed and don’t take this to heart granted most won’t really care and that is fine.

I will say this. If you had moderator status and editor status on twitch and moo bot, that has been removed

Though things are going to be permanent. Should you get unmodded. You will no longer regain moderator status as there is no point

There may be some cases where this may not be the case and this “rule” Won’t apply to a few.

And this seems mean but I’m not going to be like most streamers who adds every user they like and have like 30 or 40 mods.

Asking to be a mod will ruin your chance of being one.

Speedruns will become rare in 2017 for my channel.

What I mean by speedrun will become rare, Speedruns are not that fun to do anymore and I seen what I need to see.

Speedruns will slow down to a halt. I may do a few here or there but for the most part, speedruns are dead on my channel and I will say, you will see a speedrun, once every full moon.

People speedrun cause they hate joy and happiness and love angry and rage and love being sadistic

Tier of being inactive

7 days inactive > Warning 1

15 days inactive > warning 2

20 or 30 Days inactive > Inactive (Editor and chat mod status removed perma (Permanent))

This will take affect now. Everything else can wait

And this applies to all.

Don’t kill me. So put the weapons down
Miku Gacha