Updates for sonikmage on twitch

Ok time for a nice little update for my Twitch.tv channel

Going to list off things that will change for my channel

Channel updates

Twitch.tv stream will be every Monday to Friday at 9 Am. If I am unable to stream then I will stream at a later time.

Streams will normally last for 1 hour to 3 hours

Streams could last longer if it is something special.

Streams will be 1500 to 2000 KPBS which should make the stream look good

*  You can vote for Streams via voting polls twitter @Chaosimpact_

Streams will vary:

  • Playthrough streams
  • Speedruns
  • Random streams
  • Online games / co-op streams
  • podcast like streams
  • Doing a giveaway on any stream

My stream can be seen here: Twitch.tv/chaosony

Chat updates

So lets into this. So Twitch.tv has updated their chat so now first-time viewers can now see rules before chatting which makes rules panel useless.

And Using a custom Twitch bot with checks for spam and trolls and such.

Now for chat mods. I am going to cut down a number of chat mods as most don’t come to stream or most don’t care to join.

And I do want to have a few chat mods as I don’t need many.

The goal is to aim for 10 mods in my chat.

And no longer adding any more mods

P.S: If you have a problem with something then you can talk to me about it. 

Sassy Daisy By Fyxe,

Just a small update for my channel.

Thanks for reading.

Mod list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h9yuEBQRtEs3WRqyJTcpndwjalA5G0y-x3UqE4qVTyg/edit?usp=sharing